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Happy 3-Year Sewiversary!

(To me) :)

It’s that time of year again! Time to reflect on the past year of sewing and make some new goals for next year. I love having goals but I don’t always keep up with them. At the moment I can’t even remember what some of last year’s were… so let’s see how they turned out, shall we… :)

1. Make Halloween costumes! Yes… absolutely, this happened big time!

IMGP7415 IMGP7285

Here’s a round up of my Halloween posts:

  • 2 September – fabric share (at the bottom of the post)
  • 10 September – progress check (at the bottom of the post) – completed Olaf’s under layers (onesie and leggings) and main costume body, and Anna’s long sleeve shirt
  • 19 September – Anna’s bodice (drafting, muslins, and make-shift machine embroidery) and skirt (pattern alterations)
  • 28 October – progress shots of Anna’s skirt, Olaf’s headpiece/hat, Elsa’s dress, and Kristoff’s tunic
  • 28 October – Super Girl!
  • 1 November – Frozen… the round up!

Phew… we’ll see what I got myself into as we get closer to Halloween this year… ;)

2. Test new patterns at least twice. Yes! We are on a roll here… I was lucky enough to test 4 patterns from 3 designers this past year. Once for Seamstress Erin back in August for the re-release of her Presidio Purse, twice for Kimberly at Straight Stitch Designs – in January for the Montlake Tee and in May for the View Ridge Top, and last but not least in June (although posted this month with the pattern’s release) was the Button-Up Pencil Skirt for Darcy at The Ruffled Stitch!

Straight Stitch Designs View Ridge Top | Life by Ky Blog IMGP6768 Button Up Pencil Skirt | Life by Ky BlogStraight Stitch Designs Montlake Tee Pattern Testing | Life by Ky Blog

3. Develop a me-made work wardrobe. Hmm… well I thought about it… I even made a blog graphic and a step-by-step plan

Workday Wardrobe Project

Then life got a little crazy and this got thrown to the back burner… or you might say it got thrown off the stove altogether! Maybe we’ll revisit this soon… maybe ;)

4. Learn at least 12 new sewing techniques/skills. Hmm… maybe… maybe not. I didn’t keep track in any way whatsoever.

5. Find a proper sewing stool. Nope. Didn’t do that either. I’m still working off of my super squeaky broken desk chair. BUT… we are currently in the midst of moving so my whole sewing space will be getting a refresh soon. At least once we get settled in and I figure out what space I have and what I need. Here’s a peek at my soon-to-be sewing space…

Sewing Loft_Life By Ky Blog

It’s the loft area above our garage and I’ve claimed it :P Since this picture, the carpets have been cleaned and I’ve moved a bunch of boxes of fabric up there. It has loads of potential and a very peaceful view… I just have to figure out how to best utilize the space :)


SO, as per tradition (see Year 1 HERE and Year 2 HERE)… here’s a quick round-up of all of the patterns and tutorials I used or found useful in my 3rd year of sewing See all of my makes HERE.

For the Ladies

Maritime Shorts PDF Itch To Stitch Digital Sewing Pattern Lindy Petal Skirt Tate Top sewing pattern by Workroom Social Image of SUTTON BLOUSE Greenwood Tank Sewing Pattern by Straight Stitch Designs      Blue Dot Georgia Top  Halifax Hoodie Montlake Sewing Pattern by Straight Stitch Designs foxglove facebook-6.jpg Blouse Patterns - Sewing Patterns - Clothing Patterns - Sewing Tutorial - Sewing Patterns For Women - Sewing Projects - Height 170 View Ridge Sewing Pattern by Straight Stitch Designs CharlestonCover_Artboard 2 bup9 Make a one-size-fits-most bathrobe using this free sewing pattern and tutorial by ST_DIY_how_to_make_a_wedding_garter_0001.jpg

For the Guys

 IMG_9356 Fotor0601164652 Slide1

For the Pups

For the Littles

olafcostume FREE Baby Leggings Pattern from Go To Patterns Dylan Onesie 

For the Home, Bags, Etc.

Fabric Coasters Presidio-Purse dividedbasket2 Foldover Clutches1 

Sewing Techniques & Etc. Tutorials

  Conquering Inset Corners How to Make Any Tee into a Vneck Tee //

NEXT UP…. Social Sewing! So, not including pattern testing (find that above), here are the challenges and other sewing-related things I got involved in this past year:

2015_07_badge 2015_08_badge1 2015_10_badge UFObutton  Layout 1 Blue Dot Patterns Creative Sewing Challenge 2015

Speaking of Me-Made-May… I never did any kind of round-up on the blog… but I did post most days on IG. Here’s the overall look at my month:


Not too bad, I’d say… I didn’t have any major revelations about my sewing or my life, but it was fun nonetheless! And the only times I had repeats were when I wore the same thing two days in a row (so it counts as one wear… right?)… so that’s a win in my book! :D

Okay, okay… on to my goals for my 4th year of sewing!

1. Revisit goal 3 from last time and break out that handmade work wardrobe! I still need help in that area… nothing has changed except the clothes I do wear to work are looking a year more worn. :/

2. Make something from a Seamwork pattern. This may seem easy… which it is… but I’ve been a subscriber since Issue 7 and I have yet to make anything from any of their patterns :/ Along with this, make something from a print magazine pattern. Same reason as above… I’ve been subscribed to a few for a while and of course have yet to make anything from any of them. Sad days.

3. Revisit my A to Z Brand Inspiration Challenge. I skipped a whole year. haha ooops ;)

4. Revisit and perfect my SD card holder pattern and share it on the blog.

5. Sort of a sewing goal, sort of a life goal, but I would love to get back to my sewing roots and do more for local animal rescue groups. I’ve really missed it since moving back to Cali and although I still support BDAR, I would love to look for a group a little closer to home to support as well.

And there you have it! Nothing earth shattering… lots of revisiting :) …that’s my sewing life in a nutshell! Thanks for tagging along!

Until next time,



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