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Straight Stitch Designs Montlake Pattern Testing

So far I’m starting this year out very similar to last year :) And by that I mean pattern testing for Kimberly at Straight Stitch Designs! Yay!


Her latest pattern is the Montlake Tee… found HERE! It just released today! It’s a simple, scoop-neck tee that is slightly fitted at the bust and a little more relaxed at the hips. So it’s basically perfect for any knit with at least a little bit of stretch and a little bit of drape.


Disclaimer: These are tester versions. So although I love each one as-is, there were a lot of pattern changes along the way so the fit of the final pattern is going to be a little bit different (aka better!) Muahaha! That and I received this pattern in exchange for testing, but that in no way influenced my opinions below.

Version 1.

IMGP8177 IMGP8170

Details: Pattern version 1. Size 4. Long sleeve. No alterations. I sized down for the next one, but this one is still super comfy :) And the shoulder seam and armscye got a huge overhaul for the later versions of the pattern for a better fit.

Fabric: Distressed Asphalt Gray Baby Cotton Jersey from Girl Charlee. Purchased November 2015. I purchased a bunch of this during the Black Friday sale… it’s really thin but it’s so soft and I’m glad I still have more! :)

IMGP8123 IMGP8172

Something I’ve learned… I LOVE 1″ or greater hems on knits. And I love LOVE my walking foot. Pretty much makes my live 1000% easier. :) Best investment I’ve made in a while.

Version 2.

IMGP8142 IMGP8149

Details: Pattern version 3. Size 2. 3/4 length sleeve. No alterations. I wish I had used a blue stripe for the neckline rather than the cream, and I wish I had slowed down to get the neckline color more even… you live and you learn! I will probably go back and make the sleeves slimmer, as I did on the next two versions. But other than that, I wouldn’t make any changes! The fit is fantastic.

Fabric: Yarn Dyed Jersey Knit Navy/Cream Stripe from Purchased April 2015, also used here. I’ve been wanting to make myself a top out of this fabric ever since I made my Mom’s Hemlock tee… now we can match! Eventually, all of my family members are going to start matching me. It’s all part of my evil sewing plan. ;)

IMGP8111 IMGP8120

Check out that stripe matching, though! Stripe matching = happiness.

IMGP8137 IMGP8162

Version 3.

IMGP8247 IMGP8249

Details: Pattern version 5. Size 2. Short sleeve. Alterations: slimmed the arm seam (I should have done this before hemming but forgot so now my hem has a seam but it’s hardly noticeable) and added 2.5″ to the sleeve length. I believe Kimberly has added an option for the slimmer sleeve in the final version. Or may do something on the blog for it. Also all of the sleeve lengths were getting adjusted.

Fabric: Solid Black Midweight Stretch Jersey Knit from Cali Fabrics. Purchased October 2015. Also used here. Lovely fabric! But my goodness it is nearly impossible to photograph a black shirt.

IMGP8262 IMGP8279

I probably could have gotten away with a slightly longer band for the neckline on this one to reduce some of the puckering, but again, hardly noticeable – so I can live with it!

Version 4.

IMGP8244 IMGP8238

Details: Pattern version 5. Size 2. Long sleeve. Alterations: slim the arm seam and topstitch the neckine (the fabric was not cooperating but it took the topstitch very nicely). This one was last but definitely not least! Many of the other testers found the long sleeves too long, but for my giant arms I’m going to save these pattern pieces in case the length changes because they are SPOT ON! Love.

Fabric: Heather Gray Off White & Pink French Terry from Felinus Fabrics. Purchased August 2015. I have to admit, I’ve purchased fabric from her shop 3 times now and this is the first time I’ve sewn anything up. :/ They are some of my favorite fabrics so I’ve been hesitant to cut into them. But I know, I know, I need to just cut the fabric already! Hence my fabric fast! The pink is also a french terry from her shop that I got in a surprise scrap pack. It is glorious and I only wish I had a larger piece!

IMGP8271 IMGP8236

Let’s look at the fabric a little closer, shall we…




Okay, okay… was that enough pictures for one post!? Now go check out the pattern (and Kimberly’s gorgeous photos — taken on Montlake Bridge in Seattle, no less — that girl!) :) and maybe sew one (or four) up for yourself. :D

Happy Monday!

Now for that whole #jeansinjanuary thing… I washed my denim… so that’s a start… right? :/

Until next time,



  1. Yep, pretty sure I would live in that last version daily during the winter!! Love them all though. I’m wearing my Montlake today, absolutely love this pattern.


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