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Last few makes of 2015!

I know, I know… it’s halfway through January already. But I’m claiming these as 2015 because they were mostly finished in December. :)

First up, a little Star Wars goodness!

IMGP7979 IMGP7985

I just couldn’t resist this fabric from Knitorious Fabrics (this was my first exposure to custom knit prints other than Spoonflower… it’s very dangerous territory!) so I made some leggings for myself and PJ pants for the guy. Mine were done minus hemming in time to go see the new Star Wars on Christmas Eve. His I completed after we got home from the movie and dinner in time to wrap up for Christmas morning :)

Star Wars Leggings

Naturally, I used my go-to Matilda Leggings for these (unfortunately they have fully switched over to kid patterns only… which are adorable of course but it’s sad for their women’s patterns which have disappeared – so glad I downloaded all of them way back when! ;)  I went with my usual adjustments (added 1/2″ to the rise and sized down on the waistband). I also doubled the waistband height so I can fold it over.

**UPDATE: Spit Up & Stilettos / Sew Loft Patterns are no longer available at the source (she switched to only selling children’s patterns under her new label Sadie + Sam) but the entire library of her women’s patterns can now be found (still for free!) at Hoopes Park Studios!**

IMGP7981 IMGP7983

I only had 1 yard, and the cut was a little off, so I tried to get as much length out of it as possible…and almost lined up the pattern. One leg ended up slightly longer than the other which I know I could easily fix but let’s be honest… that’s most likely not going to happen. Close enough! :)

IMGP7987 IMGP7990

For the PJ pants, I used the same pattern I copied from his RTW ones a couple years ago (see here and here) but tried (unsuccessfully, might I add) to adjust the fit. I took length from the top and added length to the legs but somehow they still ended up shorter than his other ones. Not sure what I did there. But I did add pockets this time (using this tutorial) so that’s a plus I guess! :)

Next up, my favorite cozy new sweater!


It’s the Halifax Hoodie from Hey June! I made this one on New Year’s Eve day… but didn’t quite finish in time for our evening festivities (a.k.a. going to my parents house to work on a puzzle!) :D. Wore it anyway, though! (<– that picture was taken immediately after I woke up from a little nap… just in time for midnight!) And then finally finished it up this morning/yesterday/it’s too late right now I really should go to bed :)

Halifax Hoodie IMGP8018

I made view E, minus the drawstring. I cut a size small and didn’t adjust the length. I did, however, omit the band on the bottom. After I attached the arm bands, I wasn’t a huge fan of how bulky the seams looked in this knit… okay for the arms but I didn’t want that look on the entire bottom seam. Instead, I serged the edge and then hand-stitched the seam up. I really like the result.

 IMGP8015 IMGP8012

The fabric is this french terry from Cali Fabrics. I thought about using both sides for some contrast but thought I’d get more use out of it in one color. It’s such a heavy and stretchy knit it was tough to keep control of it in my serger but it came together pretty nicely other than that.

Halifax Hoodie | Life by Ky Blog

Have I said yet how cozy this thing is!? :) I originally bought this fabric to make Hudson Pants… but I’m so glad it turned into this instead!

 Halifax Hoodie | Life by Ky Blog Halifax Hoodie | Life by Ky Blog

So that’s it for 2015! Happy New Year (again!) and let’s get this 2016 party started! I have two patterns sitting on my printer… just need so spend a little time with my scissors and tape tomorrow/today and get going!

Until next time,



  1. Ooh, I love the sweater! It looks very warm :). I can’t believe Spit up and Stilettos doesn’t have women’s patterns any more! I was going to make one of their things in a couple days, and I needed to print off the pattern. Yikes!


    • It is a bummer about the loss of the free Spit Up and Stilettos patterns. I got permission to share the Matilda pattern download on my blog in a few weeks. It sounds like they are fine with people sharing the free patterns they have downloaded.


    • Yea, I emailed her a couple of weeks ago to ask about sharing because I got a request and she said she had no problem with that… I wasn’t sure if I should post that but lemme know if you’d like me to share any your way :)


  2. jinxandgunner says

    Looove your sweatshirt, looks so comfy and cozy….I might need to get some french terry and jump on that bandwagon asap…


  3. Hi Kyla!

    I would absolutely LOVE if you could share the Matilda pattern with me! I have been looking all over the internet and saw the comment saying you wouldn’t mind sharing.


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