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DIY Holiday Gift Guide: FOR HER

In case you’re wanting to go the DIY route this holiday season… here are a few ideas to get you started! (or maybe you’ve already started… in which case you are much more on top of things than I am) :/

DIY Holiday Gift Guide For Her

1 | Chalkboard paint wine glasses | Wine gifts are always a win in my book. And this one looks super easy; wrap it up with some chalk and you’re all set :)

2 | Tile coasters | These are also cute when made with photos, fabric, etc. Apparently you can make just about anything into a coaster… all you need is a little mod podge!

3 | Nook cover | Or kindle, iPhone, laptop, camera, etc. etc…

4 | Scarf camera strap | So beautiful! I really need to try to make myself one of these. Or… I mean… make one for a gift. Yep, that’s definitely what I meant ;)

5 | Champagne Glass Tassels | Another fun way to remember which glass is yours… instead you just have to remember what color tassel is yours :)

6 | Makeup Brush Roll | A super simple sew made from a placemat.

7 | Boot Cuffs | To knit or crochet; so many options! And perfect for boot-lovers! Could sew some up pretty easy too (I just recently found and LOVE this pattern!).

8 | Foldover Clutch | There are a ton of tutorials out there for these; they’re definitely on my to-do list! :)

9 | Infinity Scarf | Again, a million different tutorials out there. Super easy and cute. Or a nice fringe scarf. Really, can you ever go wrong with scarves? I guess maybe if you live in Florida? Hmm…

10 | Cookie Butter | !!! No explanation needed.

11 | Trail Tote | Such an adorable bag. And it’s a free pattern!

12 | Work apron | For the handy girl in your life! I love everything from Ana White. She really makes me want to get into woodworking!

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Find more gift guides on the linkup at Tay Meets World and The Grits Blog!


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