Month: August 2013

Cardmaking Adventures

Ok ok… baby gift almost complete. At first, I tried to make her name out of the letter beads… but apparently the two packs that I bought a while ago only had one “K” in the whole bunch. Craziness. The grey and yellow star part came from their invitation. Also made one for my bff whose birthday is coming soon! (Finally she will be old with me… Bethany, hopefully you don’t see this before the 14th… but if you do, oh well… you know what’s headed your way!).┬áThese are my first homemade cards (other than the ones I used to make as a kid with construction paper and crayons)… they aren’t a huge step up from that but they were fun nonetheless! There will definitely be more to come.

Danish: Take Two

With my parents here last weekend, we decided to revisit the danish deliciousness from last month. This time with strawberries. I added a little bit of strawberry jam into the cream cheese mixture and then put all the freshly sliced strawberries on top. This one was definitely a win-win for me. I’d like to try it sometime with a little less sugar (it was super, super sweet) and/or make my own dough… but overall it was a success. (Served with coffee and my dad’s green smoothies) :)

Purple Maxi Skirt

Sewing Project #5 My first made-completely-from-scratch clothing item. :) Made with inspiration from here and here. My parents came to visit last weekend and my mom (the sewing expert in the family) mentioned that I could have made it a little shorter. But I said no… I made it extra long… just because I can!

Looking for Friends: Sweet Moment of the Day

Our doorbell rarely rings. Basically it has only gone off about 6 times since we moved in here, and most of those were food deliveries. But today it went off and of course the puppies got super excited and Finn started barking. I put them in the garage (my new strategy when there is someone at the door)… and opened the door. There were two adorable little girls standing there with their bike helmets on. They looked maybe 6 and 8… somewhere around there… I’m not the best at guessing ages. They looked a little nervous… the older one waited just a moment then said, “We’re looking for friends… we’re new here.” At first I didn’t know what to say… I think I just smiled at them for a few seconds… then I had to break it to them that no kids live at our house. They both looked a little defeated. But then I said, “but the kids right across the street just moved in, maybe you can check that house.” They both smiled, …