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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…


Supergirl Costume | Life by Ky Blog

Yessss! So in the midst of planning and sewing my Frozen Costumes, my work decided to do a superhero/villain theme… and who doesn’t love a superhero costume for Halloween!?

Supergirl Costume | Life by Ky Blog

I wanted something with a cape… and something that would still be work appropriate :)

 Supergirl Costume | Life by Ky Blog Supergirl Costume | Life by Ky Blog

I used McCall’s M6754, view D. I cut the XS this time since last time I cut the S and had to take it in. Plus my fabric this time was super stretchy. It fits perfectly! I lengthened the sleeves a few inches and added a banded neckline (with the same technique as that used on the Greenwood Tank). I could/should have done sleeve bands too, but I’m too lazy for that now. I left the bottom hem unfinished as well – I didn’t want to lose any length from the skirt.

Supergirl Costume | Life by Ky Blog

For the cape, I used a similar technique as the binding, one end was just very long and I didn’t top stitch :) It actually worked really nicely because there are no exposed edges. Below is a poorly-executed line drawing of what I did. Right side of the cape sewn to the wrong side of the neckline seam, then flipped over to the outside. I was afraid this would pull too much on the seam from the weight of the cape but it actually lays nicely. Because the cape seams are right at eye level, I did finish the cape with a quick narrow hem so it looks a little more finished.

Supergirl Cape | Life by Ky BlogSupergirl Costume | Life by Ky Blog Supergirl Costume | Life by Ky Blog

The fabric is from Fabric Wholesale Direct… the red and blue are the ITK Knit Jersey and the gold for the belt is their Tissue Lame. For the “S” symbol, I just printed out the logo and cut 4 pieces — the background in gold and fusible web (Pellon Wonder Under), then the outlined S in red and fusible web. Attached the red to the gold first, then the whole symbol to the dress.

Supergirl Costume | Life by Ky Blog

For the belt, I used three layers — two of the gold and a layer of black ponte knit in the middle (although I probably should have used a woven… would have been much easier) to add some stability. I just sewed them together, flipped the belt inside out, added some velcro, and voilà.

Supergirl Costume Belt | Life by Ky Blog

I thought about making boot covers but decided to go a little more casual since I already had these red flats in my closet. This supergirl has a 9-to-5 after all :)

Then my little sidekicks helped me take photos! Too bad I didn’t think of it earlier… could’ve made puppy capes!

Supergirl Costume | Life by Ky Blog

We tried to get a few “action shots” but to quote Danny before he turned off the camera: “Until you actually take flight, I don’t think we’re going to get much else.”

Supergirl Costume | Life by Ky Blog

Hmm… I’m not sure how I feel about that statement. lol He seems to have no faith in my ability to fly. ;) But at least the pups had fun running around with me!

Pretty sure my work is going to be extra fun tomorrow :)

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I haven’t watched the new show yet but I think I probably should now that I have the outfit. Maybe I’ll wear it while I watch. Too much? Hmm… I don’t think so… :) Have you seen the pilot? Is it any good?

Last but not least, this also fit nicely into the theme over at The Monthly Stitch for October, so I’m posting it there also :)

Until next time,



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  2. Your costume turned out great. It’s the perfect work appropriate super hero costume as a lot of them show a lot of skin.
    I’ve grown weary of boot covers after a year that I was Wonder Woman and wore boot covers that I slipped in and hit my chin on the pavement pretty hard.
    I did watch the pilot episode of Super Girl. It has promise but the pace was super rushed. I felt like I watched an entire season’s content in one epsisode. Not sure if they were just trying to get the premise out of the way so they could do their thing. I’ll keep watching for a bit and give it a chance.
    Happy Hallowe’en!


    • Thanks! I know; it’s nearly impossible to find anything that doesn’t show waaay too much skin. One of the many reasons I’m glad that I sew :)


  3. Ky- I was looking at your blog last week to invite you to a Sewing Challenge that I’m hosting soon but couldn’t find a contact for you. If you’d like to know more you can contact me at mahlica(at)gmail(dot)com


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