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Life Updates, a Greenwood Tank, & a Little(!) Halloween Progress

Hi!! So I have a few super fun life updates!!.. Okay, so they aren’t updates from my life… but they are happening around me so I think it counts! First, my big sis is going to be my new neighbor! They just bought the house next door to us! Well, I should say, their offer was accepted for the house but still I’m super excited for them! And for me that they will be so close! It’ll be just like when we were growing up and I know that she just couldn’t get enough of having me around. ;P Also have I mentioned that my BFF (the one I made the Sutton Blouse for) recently got engaged!?! Super excited to start helping with wedding plans :) See… some people dread that part. But planning is my jam. I tend to spend as much more :/ time planning out my sewing than actually sewing but it’s a toss up which part of the process I actually get more enjoyment out of. Which is why I’m also excited about my new planner for 2016 that just came in the mail! I’ve been following Elsie’s blog for a while now and I can’t help but be crazy impressed with her work ethic and sense of creativity.

I’m also reading a really good book right now that was written by Kelly Gilbert, one of my old college house mates! She is the second old friend of mine that has been published now. The other was Nick Miller from my study abroad program (aww, Italy, how I miss you) who published his first novel a few years ago through a Kickstarter campaign. Maybe this is just what happens after you turn 30. People get married, buy houses, and in general just start doing awesome adult-y things :)


Call me biased, but if you’re looking for a good read, I would absolutely recommend both of these! They are nothing alike in story or writing style, but they are both really well written stories that pull you in to the characters. Win!

No big life changes for me recently, but we did go on a cruise!

And earlier today the fam and I did another 5K! Actually jogged this time, which was an improvement :) Gotta get back into my running shoes on a more regular basis!!

BTW, those are the third pair of pink Matilda Leggings I made a while back that I never got to photograph (on my sis, above)… they were my first draft when I was making our Avon39 outfits… they were too small for me so they went to her! :) And yay they fit perfect!

**UPDATE: Spit Up & Stilettos / Sew Loft Patterns are no longer available at the source (she switched to only selling children’s patterns under her new label Sadie + Sam) but the entire library of her women’s patterns can now be found (still for free!) at Hoopes Park Studios!**

Unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to wear them so we could all match today! But I did wear my new Greenwood Tank!

Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog

Yay! I broke into my new pattern (which is wonderful, by the way… it’s my first paper indie pattern and I’m really impressed… and it was kinda nice not having to print and tape…). It’s the Greenwood Tank from Straight Stitch Designs. And don’t mind the pictures… this was after our race this morning and apparently I spilled food or something all over myself. :/

Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog

The fit is great. I cut a size 4. Next time I think I may grade up to the 6 at the hips because it was a little tight compared to the rest. I used this stripe fabric from my KnitFix because it has a similar stretch to the Art Gallery fabric in my Stitch Kit, which I’ll definitely be sewing up soon! I was a little weary as I was sewing it together that the neckline was going to gape, but once I got the binding on it came together nicely!

Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog

My favorite part is how the stripe worked out on the binding… makes it look like I really meant to do that ;) And no, I didn’t actually mean for this to be a workout top, I just wanted to wear it today so that’s what ya get!

Unfortunately the Halloween sewing has been a little lax. :/ I finished my Anna skirt, but that’s all the progress I’ve made in the last two weeks. I had a little zipper trouble so I think I got discouraged for a bit (hence the Greenwood tank!). I used a too-short zipper the first time around and ripped the skirt open when I tried it on! :/ I’ve since remedied the situation and the skirt is all nicely finished. Next up… Elsa!!

Until next time,



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