Month: March 2015

Monday Sunday Sew Love

Well maybe one of these days I’ll get my days straight! :) So here’s what’s on my sewing table right now… I’m completely in love with this fabric, but I’m about halfway through and I’m not sure it was a good fabric-pattern match. :/ We’ll see how it finishes up… Exciting sewing tidbit! I won one of the prize packs from the Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge! Wahoo! The winners were completely random, but I will take it! :) See all of the makes here and here. They are super impressive! So here’s the real reason we’re here: Lovely x 4! (top/left) Threaded Crochet Lace Midi Dress | (right) Sewing and So On Best Summer Dress (bottom/left) Handmade by Carolyn Chanin Tank Top | (bottom/center) Clipped Curves Stripe Renfrew Hope you have a great week! Until next time,

Fort Bragg Whale Run 2015

I’m not exactly the most serious of runners, but give me a nice view and a cute t-shirt, and I’m on board with just about any race you can throw at me. The Whale Run one was right up that alley. It was in Fort Bragg last weekend – right along the coast… and even though the weather wasn’t great, it was still so beautiful. Here are a few pictures from along the way: As I was coming across the finish line, phone in hand, the announcer made a comment about texting while running. :/ If only he knew how bad I am at texting… Anyway, I’ve decided I’m about halfway on board with phone photos. You go anywhere these days and all you see are people with there phones taking pictures. I’m usually standing around thinking, ‘what happened to all the cameras in the world!?’ Is this just another sign I’m getting old? Hmm… perhaps. But I guess I have to give my phone a little credit; they are decent quality. And it’s definitely better …

A Very Green Tuesday

I hope everyone had a nice St. Patrick’s Day yesterday! My work goes all out for holidays, so I had to come up with SOMETHING. I decided to go back to my roots and break out the crochet hook for the day. I wanted to make this hat… but I didn’t have quite enough time, so I just made the necklace. …And piled on just about all the green I could find in my closet :)   Oh, and I apologize to the little bit of Irish in me if I ever used Patty instead of Paddy… my bad. :/ Did you make anything green to wear yesterday? Happy Hump Day! Until next time,

Sunday Sew Love & Sunday Sevens!

Hello Hello! Here are a few of my favorite makes from this week! (left/top) Ada Spragg Alice Top | (left/bottom) Sewing & Cocktails Upcycled Striped Plantain (center) Dixie DIY Cut-Out Dress Version 3.0 | (right) Sew Bon Bridgetown Dress Also, since I had a slightly-more-interesting-than-normal week and actually took some pictures, I thought I’d join in for Sunday Sevens this week! SUN | Kayaking adventures! MON | This is what my bed looks like 90% of the time… TUE | I have proof! ;) Finally stole some pictures from Danny’s mom’s camera from our trip to Belize. WED | Bring on the bowling! THURS | I love short weeks at work! And Thursday adventures in San Fran :) FRI | Puppy sewing madness! SAT | Came across these friendly little goats on our hike :) Hope you have a great week! And yes, I tend to overuse exclamation points. Can’t help it! Can’t stop! ;) Until next time,