Month: April 2013


Came home today thinking I would try to fit in a nice workout before dinner. Then I fell down the stairs. :/ Danny thinks I need one of those chair lift things that takes you up and down the stairs safely. The pain radiating through my shoulder and hand agrees.

The Dangers of Pinterest

I joined Pinterest a few months back, thinking, ok… I just want to find out what all the hype is about. Well, since that time, I feel like I’ve become a Pinterest maniac. If only I spent as much time doing the things I see on Pinterest as I do pinning then, I would could have traveled the world, learned about 5 new languages, completed my CE for the next 10 years, finished about a hundred craft projects, all the while cooking 3 meals per day at home and renovating my home into my beautiful dream home. If I had the money for all those things, of course. To be fair, I have successfully made about 5 meals from Pinterest recipes, a daily cleaning schedule inspired by a photo I saw on there, as well as detailed plans for a juice cleanse that Danny and I will probably start sometime next week (once we finish all the cinnamon rolls and cookies we have sitting around the house, of course) :/ I have a ‘board’ for …

Life Updates

So as you may or may not know, I was supposed to be on a ship right now traveling around Central America on my humanitarian deployment… but that got officially cancelled almost a month ago. And what have I done since then? I really couldn’t tell you! Time has been flying by like crazy! Work has been insane and I constantly feel like I am just trying to keep my head above water. One thing I know is that I finally retired my little ’96 Nissan for a new-to-me ’13 Ford Edge, and I am loving it! I loved my little pink car, but it was time to move on. And although I am now getting half the MPG I was before (filled up my new car for the first time this week and it was painful watching the $$ go up and up…), but it’s alright. It’s worth it for the incredible jump in safety and comfort I now have. Anyway, what else is new?! Danny and I decided to adopt Finn, our 7th …