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Life Updates

So as you may or may not know, I was supposed to be on a ship right now traveling around Central America on my humanitarian deployment… but that got officially cancelled almost a month ago. And what have I done since then? I really couldn’t tell you! Time has been flying by like crazy! Work has been insane and I constantly feel like I am just trying to keep my head above water.

One thing I know is that I finally retired my little ’96 Nissan for a new-to-me ’13 Ford Edge, and I am loving it! I loved my little pink car, but it was time to move on. And although I am now getting half the MPG I was before (filled up my new car for the first time this week and it was painful watching the $$ go up and up…), but it’s alright. It’s worth it for the incredible jump in safety and comfort I now have.

Anyway, what else is new?! Danny and I decided to adopt Finn, our 7th foster from BDAR :) He is a black lab/hound mix with the cutest floppy ears you will ever see (and of course I love how very fitting it is that we ended up with a black dog from Black Dog Animal Rescue). He has been an awesome addition to our little family, at least when he isn’t barking or munching on our shoes (he is up to about 9 or 10 pairs right now… upside, he’s giving me a legitimate reason to say I NEED to go shoe shopping!).

This summer is going to be great… I’m planning a trip home, it’s looking like a couple of our friends from pharmacy school are going to visit right around my birthday, and then we have a trip to Belize planned with Danny’s family. Above all else, I really just can’t wait for all of this snow to melt (we’ve been having terrible spring storms!) and to be able to go outside and get a little sunshine.

Lastly… Happy Birthday to Laurie today! Miss her and all of our awesome adventures!

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