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Miss Matatabi Noodlehead Divided Basket for the Dogs!

Okay, okay… I had one last project to complete before jumping into Halloween! You’ve probably heard me mention BDAR on here before (just a time or two…) ;) If not, they are a super great organization I volunteered for back in Wyoming. They take in dogs from shelters all across Wyoming… lots who are “high risk” of being put down including those who either don’t photograph or show well in the shelter (i.e. black dogs or those who stress out too much in the shelter environment) or are just unlucky to be in high kill shelters that fill up too fast. They are pros at adopting out these “less-adoptables”. They also brought this guy into my life, so that’s a win right there :) So anyway… a while back I found this wine while on a wine tasting adventure and thought it absolutely needed to go to BDAR :) Perfect for their annual Bark & Wine fundraising event silent auction, don’t you think!? I made something for the event 2 years ago but missed last year. …

Pup Vest Sighting

I always get excited when I see BDAR pups in the vests that I’ve made. Here’s a picture from an adoption drive that I stole from Facebook the other day:  Pretty sure this sweet baby has already been adopted, but you can see all the other awesome adoptable BDAR pups here. Here’s what I’ve made so far… let me know if you have any suggestions for new ones. It’s almost about time to make another batch :) And if anyone ever uses my tutorial for adopt-me vests, please send pictures! I would love love love to see them! Adopt Me Vests – Round One plus a rough tutorial Adopt Me Vests – Round Two Donation Dog Vests Until next time,

Donation Dog Vests

So… funny story that led to these vests – when we moved into the new place and Danny got a desk, I was gone at training for a few weeks and he stole my desk chair. At some point shortly after I got back, he broke the chair (ok, so it’s funny overall… not funny for my poor desk chair). So, we went out and bought both of us new matching desk chairs. Then one day shortly after that he broke that one too! It’s ok to laugh (a little)… I did (a lot). lol… So anyway, the second chair had this mesh fabric for the chair back. Before we tossed it in the trash, I cut the fabric off with this project in mind. Finally,  this weekend I got around to trying a couple of different versions. (SP28) Version 1: One pocket with elastic. I had some ribbon in a box of random scraps that I used to cover the outer edge of the pocket, but I wasn’t a huge fan of how this …

“Adopt Me” Vests: Round Two

I normally don’t make things more than once. But I made an exception for the pups (see the first batch here). Plus I had all that fabric to use up — in the end, the vests worked out to be closer to $2.60 each (plus of course the 2-3 hours it took to make each one… but at least I got faster as time went on…) Oh… and here are a few of pics of BDAR pups wearing the last ones I made… so cute!    Update (Dec14): Find the printable adopt me vest pattern HERE. Thanks!