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Creative Sewing Challenge with the Blue Dot Georgia Top!

A little while back, the wonderful Melissa from Mahlica Designs invited me to participate in a Creative Sewing Challenge with Blue Dot Patterns. (Side note: I’ve been loving following along with her Core Wardrobe project… definitely something I’ve thought about doing but haven’t jumped in yet) :) So needless to say, I immediately accepted the challenge! Basically it was to take one of the three Blue Dot patterns — Georgia, Margo, or Dover —  and make it your own. Challenge: accepted! ;) So then came my thought process… I initially chose the Margo blouse. I was thinking something with lace overlay for the holidays or I thought about stealing the plaid fabric I have in my fall sewing plans and going more casual. THEN… I came across a couple of images that inspired me to pick the Dover jacket! Sources: Top: Short Sleeve Madewell Utility Jacket | Bottom: H&M Peplum Jacket Isn’t that top one gorgeous!? I can see adding some pockets, a tie, collar, and altering the sleeves to make something really similar. And the bottom… use …

Sunday Sew Love: 8 March

Eeek okay I think I’m ready for Spring! Even though we basically have Spring weather around here already. This winter has definitely reminded me why moving to California is always a good idea ;) (left) Merrick’s Art Color Blocked Fit & Flare | (top/center) A Fashionable Stitch Hollyburn (top/right) By Hand London Pattern Hacking Kim | (bottom) Scruffy Badger Time Linden Sweatshirt Until next time,

Sunday Sew Love: 1 March + SD Card Holder v.1

Well I think I finally got my sew-jo back! I have a whole list of very specific projects on my to-do list now and fabric picked out to go with each of them so I’m excited. Here’s version 1 of my SD card holder… there are a few things I want to change about it so I might end up with a few before I’m satisfied… but this will work for now. Much better than a plastic baggie :/ There are a slew of these on Etsy but I wanted to make my own and couldn’t find any instructions anywhere… so I’m creating some. I also like this tutorial from See Kate Sew, but I wanted more space for more cards. I seem to have acquired quite a few over the years (in other words, I forget to put one in my camera before almost every trip I go on so I have to buy a new one each time… oops) :) On to the topic of the day! Pretty dresses and cozy sweaters :) …

Sunday Sew Love: 15 February

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday! It was a lazy day for us, and I actually had a nice chunk of sewing time, which was amazing. Then we had a nice romantic dinner – Chinese takeout in front of the TV! This is 29, I suppose. lol So I’ve been feeling the love this week in the sewing world! Here are a few of my favorites: (top/left) navybluethreads Lady in Red | (top/right) Shona Stitches Marlborough Bra (bottom/left) lower your presser foot Vogue 2659 | (bottom/right) Megan Nielsen Design Diary Briar Valentine Strikes Again Until next time,