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Sunday Sew Love: 1 March + SD Card Holder v.1

Well I think I finally got my sew-jo back! I have a whole list of very specific projects on my to-do list now and fabric picked out to go with each of them so I’m excited.

DIY SD Card Holder | Life by Ky

Here’s version 1 of my SD card holder… there are a few things I want to change about it so I might end up with a few before I’m satisfied… but this will work for now. Much better than a plastic baggie :/

DIY SD Card Holder | Life by Ky

DIY SD Card Holder | Life by Ky

There are a slew of these on Etsy but I wanted to make my own and couldn’t find any instructions anywhere… so I’m creating some. I also like this tutorial from See Kate Sew, but I wanted more space for more cards. I seem to have acquired quite a few over the years (in other words, I forget to put one in my camera before almost every trip I go on so I have to buy a new one each time… oops) :)

On to the topic of the day! Pretty dresses and cozy sweaters :)

2015-03Mar-01 Sunday Sew Love | Life by Ky

(left) Ada Spragg Galaxy Dress | (center) True Bias Handmade Uniform

(right/top) After Dark Sewing Dotty Ruby Dress | (right/bottom) foursquarewalls heidi hoodie cardi

 Until next time,



  1. Ooh thanks for featuring my lovely dress!! :D
    I’ve never even seen an SD card holder before, but it’s so cute!


  2. True Bias says

    thanks for the shout out! and so glad you got your sew jo back. the weather here has made me super sluggish in the sewing realm but i recently got mine back too.


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