Month: July 2014

Stitch Fix #2

Happy Hump Day! Time flies! It’s already been a month since I got my first Stitch Fix box! Got this one on Friday… and it was neat because they definitely read your feedback – and look at your Pinterest boards. Crazy world we live in, I tell you! I actually wasn’t as excited about what I got in this one as the last one… but from what I’ve read they get better over time as they figure out what you like. Ark n Co Bellatrix Embroidered Detail Maxi Dress | $88 | Status: Going back On the note, she said this was her out-of-the-box choice for me, and that she’d noticed a similar dress on my Pinterest board (I’m assuming this one). I definitely like where she was going with this, but the fit was all off. Even if I were to alter it, I can see this as one of those dresses that I say I like and that I’ll wear but then never do. Danny’s reaction to this one was “little Dutch boy suspenders” … …

Sleepy Shorts

I took Alisa’s advice yesterday… :) I didn’t know what to sew and she said make what you need most in your closet. Simple advice and yet so true! And what do I need most right now!? Pajama shorts! A simple project but much needed! I took Ruthie’s lead and used my McCALL’S M6848 pattern – view D. I had just enough of this blue gingham fabric from my grandma stash to make these. They’re super comfy – I’ll definitely be making more! Until next time,

Sunday Sew Love: 27 July

2nd installment of my Sunday Sew Love series… showcasing a few of my favorite sewing creations from the week that popped up across the blogsphere! I’ve been in a bit of a sewing slump… I have no idea what to make next… so I need all the inspiration I can get :) And if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears! (left) Ada Spragg Two-Piece Set-acular | (top/center) Peneloping The Cat’s Pajamas (top/right) Bobbins & Whimsy “I’m Just Asking for Trouble” Shorts | (bottom) One Year. One Wardrobe. Flora goes to the wedding! Until next time,

PiYo Week 2 Recap & CFD Clean-Up

Under normal circumstances, I really am a fairly healthy eater. Not super healthy all the time for sure, but not too bad. BUT, for some reason whenever I attempt to follow a food plan of any kind (for instance the PiYo food plan…) all of a sudden my brain says to me, “don’t you tell me what to eat… bring on the brownies for dinner!” :/ So we won’t get into how my food plan has been going. Tomorrow is always a new day :) Side note: you must try this recipe for White Chicken Chili… it’s amazing, and I’m pretty sure at least semi-healthy. I made it last week, not this week… again… not talking about what I ate this week. :/ Also missed two of my PiYo workouts this week… and didn’t run at all. :/ So maybe not the best week ever… but I did get my replacement disc so I was able to do the Upper Body workout. AND… I cleaned up the stands at Frontier Days three days this week. Sunday was …