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Free PDF Adopt Me Vest Sewing Pattern! +My Favorite Non-Profit Orgs

First things first! I created a PDF sewing pattern! This one has been a long time coming. And by that I mean I’ve been lazy and didn’t get around to making it until I was asked by BDAR a few weeks ago for input on making adopt me vests. I’ve made them a few batches of vests in the past, but of course they get lost or worn out over time, so they were looking to make some more. Actually, they are thinking of having a fabric drive and sewing party to make adopt me vests! Is that not the best idea ever!? It’s like an old-school LAN party… but with sewing machines instead of computers! And all for a good cause. Love it! So anywhoo… I finally got around to putting this together.



The pattern is free, of course, but if you use it or find any benefit to it, please consider donating any amount to Black Dog Animal Rescue, the org the pattern was created for, or any local animal rescue of your choice! Thanks!! You are awesome!

CLICK HERE to download the PATTERNAdoptMeVest_Pattern_pic




For ideas and/or more photos, see my previous posts here, here, and here. Also, please let me know if you make any; I’d love to see!!

It’s nothing fancy, but if it helps even one person make these and/or (more importantly) helps even one dog get adopted… it was time well spent in my book :) Plus, who says you need fancy programs to make a pattern?! I semi-followed these instructions, but I don’t have Photoshop or Adobe… I use Microsoft Word for everything and this was no different. I used the handy-dandy “curve” drawing tool to trace my drawn pattern that I scanned in. And voila. A pattern!

So now it’s your turn! If you know of a local rescue organization, make a few for them. If you don’t, feel free to sent them to BDAR – I’m sure they would appreciate them as well!

Okay, second thing! My favorite non-profit orgs:

  • Needless to say, Black Dog Animal Rescue is my number one. Have I said their name enough, yet!? :) It was an absolute privilege working with them over the last few years while I was in Wyoming. Seeing the organization grow in the community and seeing how many “unadoptable”/”last chance” dogs they put into forever homes – their impact is no short of amazing. And, just because, here are a few of their currently adoptable dogs full of holiday spirit for your viewing pleasure :)
  • The Wild Animal Sanctuary. This place is so cool. I’m not even kidding. If you are anywhere near it or planning a visit to Colorado any time soon, I highly recommend it. Talk about lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! They have them all. And they save them from crazy situations. Like from people who say, ‘yep, I think it’s a great idea to illegally buy a Siberian tiger and have it live in my horse trailer’. Or like the grizzly bears they took in from a circus that closed down who suffered nicotine withdrawals because that’s what the trainer used to get them to do tricks. Crazy stuff. Read more of their rescue stories here. But now they get to live out their lives in this awesome habitat and play or lay around all day. :) See… cool, right?
  • Local orgs are always my favorite, but we can’t forget about the big ones too! My favorite bigger non-profit is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. There’s no question about it – they are doing amazing things. Sometimes I don’t appreciate the orgs that just pull at your heart strings until you feel you have to give them something. St. Jude is really good at that. But then I got a chance to visit the hospital during pharmacy school for a leadership seminar, and my outlook toward them changed completely. Whatever they’re doing… it’s working. And they are saving so many lives because of it!

And just in case you are going out there into the world trying to get people involved, etc… here’s a little take-away advice from the seminar:


True story.


Oh and what have I learned from Blogmas so far? I’m probably not meant to be an everyday blogger. haha… I missed another two days without even realizing it. Where do the days go? Oh, well. I tried :) Find more ways to give back at the linkup on Tay Meets World and The Grits Blog.


Until next time,




  1. It’s so great seeing people who are so passionate about animal programs! Over the summer I volunteered at my local Humane society and the experience was amazing. You see so many animals come through the place and it’s great to see them get adopted!
    You’re doing great with Blogmas so far! who cares that you’re missing a few days here and there, you’re trying and the posts you do write I’ve really been enjoying!


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  6. Just found your site and love the dog “Adopt Me” vest. I just started walking dogs at our local shelter and I have been a seamstress for a long long time. I made kitty beds and blankets before Christmas and just recently made a wool coat for a dog who had surgery on his back for a cyst removal. Since his hair was shaved he need a warm coat. I was ask by some of the workers if I could make vests for up coming adopt-a-thon and said yes. So I started looking for a pattern, yours came up so I’m going to make some today. So glad I found you and thanks for sharing!!


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