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Christmas Wishlist

Yes, when it comes to Christmas, I am still a child :) Danny and my mom both ask for lists around Christmastime but to be fair, they do an awesome job on their own, too. Either way, I still have fun coming up with plenty of ideas for them. I like to be surprised, after all, so I figure if they have plenty of choices, I’ll still be surprised… right?! :)


1 | Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes | Tilly is so full of inspiration!

2 | Chess board | Shouldn’t everyone learn how to play chess at some point in their life?

3 | Lords of Waterdeep Game | Love this game. And now that we’ve moved across the country from our friend who had it… here it is :)

4 | Misfit Shine | Okay, this one isn’t really fair… I already know I’m getting it. :) But I’m super excited about it! My best friend got me this for my B-Day/Christmas (yes, my b-day was 6 months ago… but I’m a-okay with late gifts when they are combined and awesome! lol) We joke that she should get a commission on these since she talks about hers so much! It’s an activity and sleep tracker similar to the Fitbit but it looks cooler (personal opinion) and you’re not limited to wearing it on your wrist. I’m most excited to see my sleep stats.

5 | Bowling bag | We’re on a bowling team! Don’t ask me how that happened, but we are…ha. I’m currently the only person in the entire league with an average below 100 :/ Anyway, the other girl on my team gave me one of her old bowling balls and I just got it re-drilled for my lefthandedness yesterday. It’s awesome and bright pink. So naturally now of course I need a matching bag and shoes, right!? (see #9… I should have numbered those better)!

6 | Bias binding makers | I’ve tried this. It’s pretty ingenious. It works… but then Finn ate it. So I’m looking for something a little more sturdy :/

7 | Kreg Jig | Yes! This would mean the beginning of my woodworking! I’d like to start by making myself a sewing desk stool (I’m thinking something like this). Right now I’m rotating one broken chair between my computer (in one room) and my sewing machine (in another room). :/

8 | Shoes… specifically flats | Again, Finn went through a phase. I have very few pairs left… :(

9 | Bowling shoes | See 5. above

10 | Stand mixer | How do I not have one of these yet?

11 | Shark Steam Mop | I’m loving our new tile floor. I’m not loving all the mud that gets tracked in.

12 | Shark Rocket True Pet | One word: Husky.


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