Month: April 2014

I Think I Have a Fabric Problem

Yesterday I went to get my hair done (for the first time in over a year by the way… I need to get better at that) :/ …but the place I went to was right by Jo-Ann’s. So naturally I had to go inside… just to look around… Came out 45 minutes later with these…   That officially brings me up to 128 different fabrics in my stash. Yes, I’ve kept count… I actually have a spreadsheet to keep track of everything. That’s how I know I have a problem. I’ve only been doing this since July! I’m pretty sure it’s normal, though. Right!? I’ve done the same thing with my yarn stash. I’m just providing myself the opportunity to be inspired and make something any time the mood strikes. Plus, who can pass up a good fabric sale!? (not me, apparently)

Mercy, Explore, and Presence

So I’m a little late posting these… but here are my February, March, and April Sugar Block Club quilt squares! I’ve realized I have no color scheme… but I’m hoping it all comes together in the end! And yes, I also realize my March block is a little off (oops…) but that’s all part of my learning process; I didn’t feel like fixing it… I’m just letting it add character (although my OCD is really kicking in every time I look at it) :/ Gotta stay strong and just leave it…

Sewing Double: My 1st Monthly Stitch Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, in a search for inspiration for things to make, I stumbled across The Monthly Stitch. They put up a sewing challenge each month – whoever takes part in the challenge posts their creation on the site. It’s an awesome idea for a sewing community! Plus, as a beginner, I feel like it’s just the push I need to challenge myself with new projects. Hence… my first contribution! April’s challenge is to revisit a pattern you’ve already made and create another (or, however else you interpret the “sewing double/seeing double” idea). Well, I’ve been planning to make my sister a maternity shirt to go in her second trimester box (see her first trimester box here)…. and shhh… I’m still pretty sure she doesn’t read this blog, so hopefully she doesn’t see it (I’m going to be in trouble if my family ever starts reading my blog… I won’t be able to post things before I gift them…). So anyway, I’ve been looking at a few different patterns. I especially love the Megan …

A Menagerie of Cousins

I’m a cousin again! Oh, wait. Is that the right term? Cousin once removed? What? I feel like I’ve already talked about this… or maybe I just looked it up before when I realized I have so many of them. The newest addition came a few weeks early. Can you say freaking adorable… I’ll go ahead and say it… freaking adorable. :) And here’s more adorable-ness in the dress I made for her: