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Flight Suit Purse A Go-Go

Why a go-go? It just felt right. :)

So I guess it turned out more of a tote than a purse… but anywhoo… here’s the finished product. As mentioned, I made this one for a friend from one of her boyfriend’s old flight suits. She gave me a couple of flight suits to play around with, and picked out the blue zebra duck cloth from Hobby Lobby for the lining. Now I just have to get it into the mail. I hope she likes it!

 IMGP2985 IMGP2984


My favorite part is the front pockets… all still functional, I just cut out the old fabric and added another layer of the lining so it shows in the pockets too. :)


The inside pockets were all stolen from the pant legs. I sewed the two big pockets together then onto the lining only along the outside and one line up the middle so they are more like double pockets.

IMGP2998 IMGP2996

I really liked the examples I saw with the strap coming around from the back to the front, so I ended up just cutting/sewing around it, then sewing around the side and adding velcro to attach it to the front once all the sides were sewn together. And the side patches I definitely had to remove and reattach; they were too close to the shoulder seam on the original flight suit.

IMGP2992 IMGP3000

I used instruction and inspiration from here for the bag construction, but for sizing just made it up as I went along. :/ For the lining, I just traced the size from the front pieces, and topstitched it to finish. The lining seams don’t line up exactly, but it’s close enough :)

Here’s the making of (or some of it anyway… I guess I got tired of taking pictures about half-way through and stopped… oh well) :)

IMGP2951 IMGP2955

IMGP2956 IMGP2958

IMGP2965 IMGP2966

I didn’t end up using that little pocket. :/ I wanted to, just didn’t find the right place to put it.

IMGP2968 IMGP2972

IMGP2974 IMGP2975

Happy Hump Day!

Until next time,



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  3. Debbie Page says

    Love the flight suit purse! Could you make one with a solid red liner, if I provide the flight suit? My son is deployed and this would be perfect for his fiance. How much would you charge? Thank you!


  4. Mallory says

    Love this! I have a couple of flight suits I’m wanting to make a bag with so this is very helpful! Thank you!


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