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Sunday Sew Love: 16 November

Beautiful back detailing and comfy knits… love!


(left) Purls and Pleats Lady Skater | (top/center) create-enjoy Drop Waist Dress

(top/right) By Hand London/Finch Sewing Studio Pattern Hacking Anna | Scared Stichless Singlets Galore!

Also I’m super excited to share my next make… my first attempt at outerwear! Coming once I get some pictures taken of it… in Vegas, baby! :) Alisa, I’m in your neck of the woods! If we were here longer I’d ask to meet you for lunch! :) I’m running participating in the Rock ‘n’ Roll half this weekend. Although I had big plans for training, thoseĀ kinda absolutely fell to the wayside as I was finishing up at work and moving and all. So this one is definitely a just-for-fun run!



Until next time,


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