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PiYo Pre-Challenge

I like going to the gym. But I love Beachbody and similar workout programs. If I can save 30 minutes of driving/changing at the gym/etc. while getting just as awesome of a workout (or better!) at home, I’m all for it. Plus, after a while you get attached to the people in the videos which makes it even more fun (…or is that just me!?).

Well, problem is… I still have trouble getting myself to do the videos sometimes. I go through phases… active/motivated phases and slumps :/ Because of that, Danny calls me a collector. A collector of workout videos and programs :) I get motivated… get a new program… then slump… and the trend continues! Currently in my possession I have the following, plus a few other randoms:

Those are listed from my most to least favorite… although Yoga Booty Ballet and Pure Barre  probably tie for second. I like Insanity overall but hate burpees or anything similar to burpees with a passion :) And Peak Fit is okay… it lost my interest quickly, unfortunately… but maybe I’ll give it another chance at some point.

So my latest venture into the home video workout world is PiYo! Chalene’s new program — love her!

I joined a PiYo Challenge Group earlier this month when I ordered the package! Everyone else (or most everyone) started this past Monday. I still haven’t received mine. It’s been my most unfortunate experience with FedEx to date. At first, the tracking said Wednesday… then on Wednesday it changed to Thursday. Then on Thursday it said it was undeliverable because they couldn’t find my street. So I called, verified that yes, in fact they did have the correct address, and she left a note to let the driver know. So then today rolled around… got home from work only to find… no box :( This time, tracking said “Future delivery requested”. I called again to inquire and was told there was a vacation hold put on it and it’s scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I said I had not put a vacation hold on it. She looked and said, “oh, I’m not sure why that’s on there then.” I know it’s not her fault… but it still made me sad. So we’ll see about tomorrow. I’m trying to be confident that it will come, but I’m not holding my breath.

Since I haven’t been able to start… I started researching the program a little more. Found this guide with lots of helpful info about the food plan. I didn’t like any of the food trackers that I found, so I made my own:


Because I’m doing this as a part of the challenge group, I decided I’d give the food plan a try. It’s only 60 days. I can stick to anything for that long… right!? :/ Besides, this seems like a pretty easy plan to follow… more of a “eating healthy for dummies… or lazy people” type of plan — aka perfect for me :D I also don’t like to restrict myself to a specific calorie intake… so I combined the “Plan A” and “Plan B” to give myself a wider range.

I also realized the half marathon that I signed up for with my family in November is quickly approaching (yes, it’s a few months still… but it’ll be here before I know it). Considering I’ve done two half marathons so far with zero preparation, I thought I should actually try training for this one. So I combined this training plan (roughly) with the PiYo workout plan to make my workout calendar for the next 8 weeks:


Granted, as you can see… this is only the 1st half of the half marathon training… so consider this PART 1. But it’s a start. Gotta see how this part goes first… then move onto the rest. :/

Happy Friday!


  1. I love the combination PiYo and half marathon training chart. I’m also doing PiYo and training for an October half. You are much more ambitious than I am, however. I don’t think I would attempt 9 miles plus Drench on the same day, lol! By that’s just me – I’m a minimalist :)


    • LOL! Well that’s probably just me getting myself into trouble, considering I haven’t tried any of the PiYo workouts yet ;) So we’ll see… I would like to still be able to walk at the end of this 8 weeks! :) Thank you for the comment. I love your page, it’s really motivating!


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