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A DIY Star Wars Halloween

Since it’s about to be Halloween again, I figured now is as good a time as any to share our Halloween costumes from last year! ;)

DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog

DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog

Are they cute, or what?! Right now we’re just thankful for this time while they’re young and still happy to coordinate their costumes. I know it’ll be fun for them to have these memories when they get older – or at least fun for us to have these memories ;) This year, we’re continuing the cousin-coordinating tradition with a Super Mario theme (gaa…)!

So when we decided on Star Wars, I was actually pretty excited because I knew I could pull most of the fabric we’d need from my stash. All I ended up ordering was the brown flannel for Obi Wan Kenobi’s robe – which ended up costing me a whopping $1.15 because I found a random gift card from who knows when for Joann’s. I consider that a stashbusting win. :)


For the robe, I used the (free!) Hooded Robe Pattern from Sew Much Ado which happened to be the right size for him at the time (although on the big side… it fell off his shoulders a  little – he was just getting into 3’s at the time and this is a 3/4, but it was close enough for the costume). As mentioned, I used a brown flannel for this one from Joann’s, and just lengthened the pattern to be ankle length.

We had him wear khaki pants and a white shirt, and added a long strip of cream-colored fleece-like fabric (from my Grandma stash), which he wore over his shoulders and under his belt, made from another strip of the cream fleece, a strip of the brown flannel, and a strip of faux leather originally used for Kristoff’s tunic from Halloween 2015 (and velcro to attach – made the same way I made our Seven Dwarf belts way back when).

 DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog

Luke Skywalker

So I can’t remember for the life of me what pattern I used for the top. It was some kind of shirt pattern that I altered to have an open front, added sleeve bands and the edge band/binding around the front. Made it with leftover white ponte knit originally used for this dress.

For the belt, I used the same faux leather as above, backed with flannel for stability, and used a small piece of gray denim (originally used for this skirt) for the belt “buckle”. I added a few extra loops of the leather to give it a slightly more “accurate/utility” look :) For the shoe covers, I upcycled a pair of my pants (which I got for I believe ~€2 at an outdoor market in Italy while studying abroad in ’05 and wore until they fell apart) by cutting and sewing together strips of the fabric and fit them using a pair of his shoes to get the sizing right (same idea as here but with velcro in the back instead of elastic – although I should’ve overlapped the back more because they started falling open after him wearing them for a bit).

DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog

DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog


Whenever possible, it’s nice to have at least part of a costume to be wearable again, right? For Rey, I started with the shirt and decided not to dye it so that she could easily wear it later on. I used an ivory cotton spandex (also used for the lining of this skirt) and the simple short sleeve tee version of the P4P Yo Ho Henley with an added little “v” on the neckline. I’d had the pattern for a while (since I bought the bundle on sale and made the men’s versions for the hubs) but hadn’t tried the kid’s version until this one. It was a great fit on her and really easy to put together.

For the pants, I used the (free!) P4P Walk The Plank PJ Bottoms, knee length, with added elastic on the bottom hem. I cut them from a tan thrifted sheet originally used for decoration here. The pieces of fabric over her shoulders came from one piece of fabric from my stash (not sure where it came from, but it was perfect for this purpose) – all I did was cut it in half lengthwise, add gathers in the middle to go on her shoulders and attach it together in front and back so it wouldn’t fall off.

The arm bands were made from strips of the same ivory cotton spandex I used for the shirt, sewn together. I tea-dyed them to get a little more of the worn look. For this belt, I used the same faux leather as the others, folded over the same way as these belts, and added a simple little purse (with a little loop on the back that allowed it to attach to the belt) to complete the look :)

DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog

DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog


Last but not least, for the little cutie… I figured it wasn’t worth making an entire Yoda suit for a 1-year old, but he did need something! I measured his head and made a simple single crochet hat with some green yarn I had on hand (yes, before I started sewing, I was a knitter/crocheter, therefore my yarn stash is just as bad as my fabric stash) :/ …and added ears to finish it off. I’m pretty sure there are some patterns out there for Yoda hats, but I really don’t think there’s any need; as long as you can do a few increases and decreases, you should be good to go. :D

DIY Star Wars Halloween | Life By Ky Blog

I think that’s it for now! All of my fabric is ready and waiting for this year’s costumes; just need to get into that sewing room to make those little video game characters happen (in those rare spare moments that this little one is not sleeping on my lap, of course…or rolling… the crazy little girl started rolling last week!) :P

For more costume ideas, see: PJ Masks (2016), Officer Hopps (2016), Frozen [Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, & Sven] (2015), Supergirl (2015), Rosie the Riveter (2014), Maj Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan (2014), and The Seven Dwarfs (2013)

For more Star Wars fun, also see: our wedding ties and these leggings! :P

Until next time,


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