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A Bridal Shower Charleston Dress + a few extras :)

So I was on the hunt for the perfect pattern for this dress for a while. I had my fabric picked out (although I changed it up last minute and got a different lace).  I knew I was looking for knee length, somewhat form fitting or a-line, preferably sleeveless, and something that I could do a double layer with lace overlay. I had a few picked out but nothing seemed quite right. Luckily that was right about the time that Adrianna released her Charleston Dress pattern… and my decision was done! Bonus points that it had pockets… that was a total win because B loves pockets!

Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog

This, BTW, is my beautiful BFF who you’ve probably seen pop up here a time or two as she’s one of the very few people that I will actually sew things for. It’s a very short list. Anyway, she’s getting married next month in Maui (sooo excited!) Of course I had to do something special for her shower, so I told her I’d make her dress. I got the fabric and then thought, wait a minute, this is a lot of pressure. A bridal shower dress… that’s kind of important. So I did something crazy and made a muslin. A wearable muslin of course was my hope, because I don’t like to waste fabric.

Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog

This was the most similar fabric that I had in my stash (by weight and stretch) to the white for the real dress that wasn’t already earmarked for another project. It’s a medium weight Ponte De Roma from my November KnitFix from Girl Charlee and it turned out to be perfect for this dress!

Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog

When I picked the fabric, I didn’t think about pattern matching. Then as I started cutting I almost regretted my decision ;) It was quite the beast to match up! I didn’t worry about the side panels, but I’m pretty happy with how the rest turned out. Check out those pockets…

Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog

Not bad, I say. Not bad at all. :) I knew I wanted sleeves with this print vs. sleeveless with the white, so I cut View A, sleeved version, obviously, for this one, with the elbow length sleeve. I appreciate that they are different pattern pieces, because the sleeve fit is a little different, but unfortunately that meant I had to re-cut the pattern pieces for the sleeveless… luckily it was only a few pieces. I figured the fit would be similar enough if this one fit the sleeveless would, too. And luckily this one fit perfectly so I was off to the races!

Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog

So on to the real deal… the underlayer is this solid white Ponte De Roma from Cali Fabrics, and the lace is this Camellia Lace from I love how they came together! I basted each double layer piece together before sewing, then sewed as if they were one. In the end, the layers made for a substantial dress, but not too heavy, and not see through really at all.

 Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog

Both zippers came from Arcadia Cotton on Etsy. It was about the only place I could find a mint zipper (an absolutely necessary detail for this dress) :)… I’m so thankful for Etsy sometimes! Between Etsy and Amazon… phew! SO yes, I could have gotten the mint by itself, but I knew I needed at least one more, so of course I got the whole bundle! :) So now I need to make myself a Charleston Dress (or 5!) ;)

Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog

I finished the inside of this one a little neater than the last. I like the look of the serged edge over the inside of the zipper tape. The only real problem I had with this version was that even with my walking foot, the fabric stretched out a LOT with every seam (like I had an inch to a few inches of overlap every time). I ended up just cutting the edges to look even before moving onto the next step each time. It was annoying, and I can definitely tell when the dress is hanging, but once it’s on it’s hardly noticeable. Luckily I added 2″ to the length in the beginning because in the end it ended up exactly the same length as the first one!

 Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog

A few other little handmade touches for the shower included the cake & cupcakes, made by my always amazing baker of a sister, the favors, and the pineapple flower bouquet, assembled by yours truly! :) The cake & cupcakes were chocolate with cream cheese frosting in mint and coral (the shower colors), with flowers made from slices of pineapple (Pinterest it… it’s a real thing! lol… and it actually works… they taste like fruit leather) – beautiful AND delicious!

Mint and Coral Chocolate Cake & Cupcakes with Pineapple Flowers | Life by Ky Blog

For the favors, I made luggage tags (destination wedding… figured it was appropriate) – it’s the same pattern I used for the holiday craft fair last year from Studio Cherie – it’s a great pattern! Plus I had plenty of materials left over (as we’ve learned many times over… I have no concept of what is an appropriate amount of something/anything to order online). :/

Studio Cherie Luggage Tags | Life by Ky Blog

I used this gorgeous floral print from Sarah Schaitkin on Spoonflower in the Kona Cotton. It’s technically called a “winter floral” but I think it was plenty appropriate for this :)

Sarah Schaitkin Winter Floral Spoonflower Fabric | Life by Ky Blog Studio Cherie Luggage Tags | Life by Ky Blog

Studio Cherie Luggage Tags | Life by Ky Blog

Lastly, here’s my favorite part of all… the hollowed out pineapple flower vase!

Pineapple Flower Arrangement | Life by Ky Blog

Again… Pinterest it… there are so many pretty ones! You have to give mine a break, though… I’m definitely not a florist and those flowers were not drooping as much when the party started. :) But I figure they look good basically no matter what… they are flowers, are they not!? And they are in a pineapple vase. So there you go.

Hey June Charleston Dress | Life by Ky Blog 

In keeping with Me-Made-May… I did technically alter the dress I’m wearing there. I bought it a few years ago and have never worn it because it didn’t fit right. All I did was take in/extend the front and back darts and there you have it… a dress that fits! I don’t always perform alterations on my RTW clothes… but when I do it’s the ones that have been sitting in my closet for years unworn and take two minutes to fix.


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  1. I’ve never thought of overlapping a ponte with lace. Looks amazing! That mint zipper is a pretty awesome touch. I love pops of colour! (Cool luggage tags too)


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