Month: May 2013

Instagram Temptation

I’m trying really hard right now to resist joining Instagram. I’m on way too many of these sites to begin with, and it’s been around long enough I feel like I would be hopping on the bandwagon way too late. But, it’s still hard to resist… it just seems very me. I’ve never really looked at it before until today. So simple. I like it (even though Twitter is simple but I’m not a fan of Twitter… don’t ask me why… maybe it’s the character limit… I don’t like to feel so restricted). Anyway, I guess I should start posting pictures on here instead. We’ll see…

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

…for the win! One little addition for today… anyone who likes pumpkin and chocolate and/or is head over heels for the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins at the Great Harvest Bread Company¬†like I am… should definitely try making these. I made them for our retiree appreciation day last Saturday and although they didn’t quite live up to the magical ones from great harvest, they were a solid substitute. Highly recommend. :)

We Aren’t Juice Cleanse People… We’re Cheese People

For a while, Danny and I have been talking about doing a juice cleanse. So, over the past few weeks, I have been researching slew of different ones that you could order, and finally used a few sites I found on Pinterest (1, 2, 3, etc.) as inspiration to put together our own that vaguely resembled the Blueprint Cleanse¬†(I was drawn to the Blueprint cleanse in the beginning because of it’s packaging… I am a sucker for good marketing… I will purchase almost anything that looks that neat and sleek). So anyway, I made my own recipes, put them each individually into the SparkPeople recipe maker to find out our ratio of carbs/fats/proteins and calorie counts, etc. and adjusted as necessary to make sure we weren’t going to be starving ourselves. Then I made a list of all the ingredients we would need. On Sunday night (literally night… we were shopping for fruits and veggies at 10pm, it was weird), we made the trek to Safeway and loaded the card with deliciousness (plus kale and …