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A Travel-Inspired Gift Basket

Black Dog Animal Rescue. I haven’t mentioned them in a while, but this little (but always growing) organization will forever hold a special place in my heart. I volunteered for them, fostered for them, and got my sweet baby boy from them when we lived in Wyoming. Now I’m just a member of their Constant Companion Club and make a gift basket once a year for their silent auction. Something is better than nothing, right? ;) Also it’s been a lot of fun coming up with basket ideas. Last year, it was right before the new Gilmore Girls came out on Netflix, so I went for a Gilmore Girls theme. This year I guess I’ve been dreaming of getting away, so I went for a travel theme. :)


What’s included:

  • Southwest Airlines Gift Card (thank you, credit card points…) ;)
  • Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel Book (it’s a really fun book with lots of inspirational travel photos… I might have to get one for my own coffee table)
  • Cozy socks (always necessary for the plane ride… these ones came from Woven Pear… IMO they really do have the best socks around)
  • A “What to Pack” notepad (because it’s always good to have a list…)
  • A wire basket (not great to travel with… but great for, you know, holding fruit or something)
  • And, last but not least, a few handmade goodies (I still have quite a few things leftover from the craft fair I participated in last year year before last — gaaa! where does the time go)


Handmade goodies include luggage tags (using the pattern from Studio Cherie, also used here), a fold-over clutch purse in one of my favorite floral prints…


I made these purses the same way as my first one way back when with a faux leather panel, but added fabric tabs on the zippers to give them a slightly more professional finish.

…and a SD memory card holder (also made here, pattern coming someday…) :)

IMGP1782 IMGP1793

Here’s hoping the silent auction goes well this year!


Until next time,




BDAR Constant Companion Club

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