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A Frozen Halloween!

Happy Daylight Saving today! (LOL… “they call it Arizona” “it’s NOT plural!”… that video cracks me up – if you haven’t seen it take a minute and click the link; it’ll be worth your time). Okay, so it wasn’t frozen at all… it was actually pretty hot yesterday (poor little Olaf was melting!)… but here’s how the costumes turned out! :) Olaf Patterns: Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Snowman Costume (Free Pattern! but also just learned they sell fabric… have you seen their knit panels… so cute!), Go To Baby Leggings (Free Pattern!), Dylan Onesie Patten (also made here; I added an extra panel of interfacing-reinforced fabric on the inside under the snaps this time and it was a lot easier; snaps are definitely the way to go – last time I made the one with velcro and I think it was scratching his legs too much), Fleece Hat Pattern from Tracy’s Treasury (Free Pattern! — I lengthened the ear flaps and added velcro for the chin strap). Fabric: Organic Cotton Stretch French Terry from Cali Fabrics for the onesie …

Sunday Sew Love: 5 April

First things first… check out that picture: “Kyla, it’s just the Easter morning sky” you say. Well, yes… but that right there is the Easter morning sky… unedited… with no annoying black dot in the middle of the picture! Hooray! I finally got a cleaning kit for my camera. $8 vs. hundreds… I’m so glad I didn’t send it in to get professionally cleaned. At least this time it worked… I shouldn’t gloat too much or next time it may not :) But at least for now, it’s starting out to be a great day. HAPPY EASTER by the way! I’m hoping for no rain so we can do our brunch festivities outdoors, but I’m pretty sure that’s not on the weatherman’s agenda. We shall see… So this week is all about the details… ogle with me, will you… (top/left) Offsquare Winter Blazer | (top/right) Thread Theory Comfiest Jeans (bottom/left) See Kate Sew Soho Blouse | (bottom/right) Sewn by Elizabeth Relaxed Plantain Until next time,

A Very Green Tuesday

I hope everyone had a nice St. Patrick’s Day yesterday! My work goes all out for holidays, so I had to come up with SOMETHING. I decided to go back to my roots and break out the crochet hook for the day. I wanted to make this hat… but I didn’t have quite enough time, so I just made the necklace. …And piled on just about all the green I could find in my closet :)   Oh, and I apologize to the little bit of Irish in me if I ever used Patty instead of Paddy… my bad. :/ Did you make anything green to wear yesterday? Happy Hump Day! Until next time,

4th of July Table Runner

This was another fabric from my grandma stash. I knew when I picked it out I’d use it to make some kind of 4th of July decoration… but wasn’t sure what until I found this Pleated and Pressed Table Runner tutorial. It’s not a fabric I would typically pick out, but I thought it would be appropriate for something quilted. Here are a few more pics of the finished product:   It was a fun pattern; the pleats were a bit of a pain but not bad after working with a few (I ended up taping them down as I sewed like the tutorial recommended) but overall pretty simple to make! I’d like to make another at some point… maybe in a solid color for everyday. The backing on this one is a piece of a blue sheet that I picked up from goodwill and I ended up using regular fleece instead of batting because that’s what I had on hand. Overall cost ~$3. (SP35) We’re supposed to have a BBQ at our house on the 4th …