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A Frozen Halloween!

Happy Daylight Saving today! (LOL… “they call it Arizona” “it’s NOT plural!”… that video cracks me up – if you haven’t seen it take a minute and click the link; it’ll be worth your time). Okay, so it wasn’t frozen at all… it was actually pretty hot yesterday (poor little Olaf was melting!)… but here’s how the costumes turned out! :)

Frozen Costumes | Life by Ky Blog


Patterns: Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Snowman Costume (Free Pattern! but also just learned they sell fabric… have you seen their knit panels… so cute!), Go To Baby Leggings (Free Pattern!), Dylan Onesie Patten (also made here; I added an extra panel of interfacing-reinforced fabric on the inside under the snaps this time and it was a lot easier; snaps are definitely the way to go – last time I made the one with velcro and I think it was scratching his legs too much), Fleece Hat Pattern from Tracy’s Treasury (Free Pattern! — I lengthened the ear flaps and added velcro for the chin strap).

Fabric: Organic Cotton Stretch French Terry from Cali Fabrics for the onesie and leggings + fabric stash remnants for the rest (white fleece leftover from my quiet book pages, orange fabric from Seven Dwarf costumes 2 years ago, and black from the backside of one of my favorite fabrics to date – a Two Sided Cotton Jersey from Girl Charlee, also used here, here and here).

Frozen Costumes | Life by Ky Blog


Pattern: Spit Up & Stilettos (who are actually changing their name to Sadi & Sam) Elizabeth Dress (Free Pattern!) modified by not adding the back slit in the top, removing the pleats from the skirt, adding sleeves, adding length, and adding a cape/train/whatever you want to call it! Really I just used the bodice portion as a starting point and made it up from there.

**UPDATE: Spit Up & Stilettos / Sew Loft Patterns are no longer available at the source (she switched to only selling children’s patterns under her new label Sadie + Sam) but the entire library of her women’s patterns can now be found (still for free!) at Hoopes Park Studios!**

Fabric: White power mesh, turquoise square sequins (lined with turquoise stretch broadcloth), aqua charmeuse satin, and snowflake iridescent white organza, all from Cali Fabrics.

Frozen Costumes | Life by Ky Blog


Patterns: The long sleeve top (see a better picture at the bottom of this post) was a mash-up between the Spit Up & Stilettos/Sadi & Sam Harper Blouse and Caroline Shirt (Free Patterns! **UPDATE-see note above for where to find these patterns now**) — lengthened the collar stand, added decorative stitching, and added sleeves! Top/bodice was self-drafted. Skirt is a modified Megan Nielsen Veronika Skirt (Free Pattern!); I ended up cutting 4 pieces instead of 2 as the pattern indicates in order to fit them on my fabric and end up with the length I was going for. The seams are barely noticeable, though.

Fabrics & Notions: Seafoam broadcloth, black polyester rayon suiting, and royal blue poly/cotton twill, all from Gold glitter ribbon from Amadeus Couture Supply on Etsy.

(^^with my cousin, the nerdy bird!) :D

Frozen Costumes | Life by Ky Blog


Pattern: Self-drafted, using this and one of his shirts as a guide. All I did different was add the sleeves to the finished tunic instead of them being part of it and added belt loops on each side of the tunic. I sewed the fur in between the top layer and lining so when I flipped it right side out it was all nicely attached. It was a total pain, though! Plus I think I made little Zoe jealous spending all that time combing out fabric fur instead of her lol :/

Fabric: Malore faux leather and faux fur mongolian charcoal (both from, lined with black combed cotton that I had in my stash from a Girl Charlee sale :). The belt and color details were also from my stash (maroon and brown from the Seven Dwarfs and purple from here and here).

^^We tried to get him to let us dye his hair blonde for the role, but he didn’t go for it ;) He immediately put his hat back on after photos anyway… a casual Kristoff :) haha

Frozen Costumes | Life by Ky Blog


Pattern: No pattern needed… :) I had my sis steal a brown hoodie from his closet and added antlers and eyes using scrap fabric (this was my inspiration). I wanted to add ears and a nose too but ran out of time :)

Fabric: White Arctic Fox Faux Fur (purchased on sale from Cali Fabrics) + scraps leftover from Olaf’s onesie and leggings + a few other scraps for the eyes!

Frozen Costumes | Life by Ky Blog

And that completes Halloween 2015!! I love this holiday; it’s really what got me into sewing in the first place. We never went a Halloween growing up without a handmade costume. My mom always went all out! She doesn’t sew very often anymore (although she’s talked about getting back into it and I think it’s a great idea) :) but I wish I had pictures of them all over the years… seriously. Anyway, I’m glad to be able to carry on the tradition now that I’m sewing! I know it’s a lot of work to wear something one time, and probably wasteful in the long run (talk about never ending moral dilemmas in the sewing world/garment industry)… but if I’m going to dress up either way… I’d much rather it be handmade!

Oh yea… and did I mention my little nephew turned ONE yesterday! Yet another reason to celebrate the day!

^^the paper was his favorite part!

One Year Fabric Bunting | Life by Ky Blog

I finally broke out some fabric from my Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge prize pack to make this bunting! We’re going to take a few one-year photos next week, so hopefully we’ll be able to incorporate this in :) I used two strips of twill tape (also used here) to hold it together because I was too lazy (aka ran out of time) to make bias tape :)

We also had a little too much fun with our food for the day :) I made some carved pumpkin peppers for dip, my mom made pineapple boats (apparently THE way to cut pineapples in Hawaii… they just got back from a trip there with my cousins) and some deviled eye-eggs ;), and my sis did (as always) an AMAZING job on the cake!

Halloween Veggies! | Life by Ky Blog Halloween Deviled Eye-Eggs | Life by Ky Blog

Halloween Birthday Cake! | Life by Ky Blog

Holidays for the win!

Until next time,



  1. Wow. What a lot of work! So much better than buying costumes. I love the Elsa dress and your dress is stunning. I’m so impressed.


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