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Onesies for the Little!

It’s probably no surprise by now that I love the Matilda legging pattern from Spit Up & Stilettos. Actually I love all of their patterns, I just have yet to try any of the others :)! And all of their women’s patterns are free! But they also have some awesome kid patterns — soooo now that I have a little nephew to sew for — I decided to try out the Dylan Onesie for this month’s TMS challenge!

**UPDATE: the kid patterns from Spit Up & Stilettos are now available under the label Sadie + Sam; their women’s patterns can be found here**

SUAS Dylan Onesie | Life by Ky Blog


I wasn’t quite ready to take on Menswear… but for this little guy… that I can do!

IMGP5537 IMGP5673

(we had a little 6-month photo session last weekend… isn’t he the cutest!?!) :)

So anyway, I made two. For the first, I used this leftover two sided cotton jersey… so now he can match his momma (and his aunt!) lol

SUAS Dylan Onesie | Life by Ky Blog

For the second one I used some of my Spoonflower puppy fabric (also used for my crazy dog lady project!)… so now he can also wear his furry cousins on his clothes!

SUAS Dylan Onesie | Life by Ky Blog

The color of the green is more accurate in the second photo (it’s more muted… less neon). I actually got 3 yards of it from Mood way back in October when it was on sale for ~$3/yard after seeing this. I still haven’t made anything out of it… but it made a great accent color for these.

I actually cut the pattern a while back… shows how quickly the littles grow… by the time I got around to making these I had to print the pattern again and cut a bigger size for him :) I cut the 6-9 month size for both and he’s just about there. The puppy one looks bigger but that’s just because of the snap placement (almost learned the hard way not to sew a snap onto the thin jersey fabric :/ eek). I had some black velcro on hand, so I did velcro on one and snaps on the other. I also had a huge duh! moment while making these. I was setting in the sleeves and couldn’t figure out why the sleeves were so small. I was stretching and pinning and stretching and pinning lol until I realized I hadn’t overlapped the shoulder layers as much as I was supposed to. :/ At least I’ll know better for next time.

SUAS Dylan Onesie | Life by Ky Blog

Other than my own inability to pay attention to what I was doing the pattern was super easy! These are a perfect way to use up knit fabric scraps! Only thing I’d do different next time would be to serge the edge of the binding that shows — that way it looks a little more finished on the inside. But it definitely works either way!

SUAS Dylan Onesie | Life by Ky Blog

Here are a couple of my favorite outtakes from our little photo shoot, just because:

IMGP5607 IMGP5728

Haha proud auntie right here :) Love him!

Until next time,


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  2. ObsidianHandmade says

    Love love love these! I’m going to steal this idea for future baby gifts if you don’t mind. Your nephew is a wee cutie pie too :)

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