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Syrah Skirt, Plantain Tee, Plantain Tank, So Zo Undies, & Puppy PJ Pants!

Alright! So if you saw my post on The Monthly Stitch yesterday, this is mostly the same… but I ended up eeking out two more projects from my piece of pink cotton rib knit while I had it out so here’s everything in one place :)

Aaand my title kinda gave it all away…  so do what you will with this post lol

Plantain Tee & Syrah Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

In case you missed my post over there, this was my new-to-me outfit for Indie Pattern Month :) It was my first time using a pattern from both of these designers and I’m really happy with how they turned out.


  • This tee is everywhere and I finally understand why! I’ve had the pattern downloaded for a while but haven’t gotten around to making it till now. The RTW white tee I have in my closet right now is looking pretty old and sad so I desperately needed a replacement :)… this one fit the bill perfectly!
  • The fabric is a cotton spandex blend knit from Girl Charlee. Same one I used for our AVON39 outfits. I cut a straight 36 and didn’t make any adjustments. I finished the neckline with a long straight stitch and the arm and bottom hemlines with a double needle.
  • I didn’t follow the instructions (yay, I’m finally at a point where I don’t need directions for the simple things… it’s the little things) :) but they seem very well written, especially for a free pattern!

Plantain Tee | Life by Ky Blog


  • So here’s the deal. I bought this fabric with a very different project in mind that slipped my mind shortly after buying it :/ (this is why I need to write things down…) So anyway, then I thought it would make a beautiful maxi skirt, so I pulled out my Syrah pattern that I’ve had sitting around since purchasing the Perfect Pattern Parcel last October. I cut the pattern and laid everything out thinking I had purchased enough fabric. Needless to say, I hadn’t. Easy fix of course… I just cut the shorter version instead. But then I also cut the waistband thinking I had cut the ruched version when in fact I had not. Not sure where my head was while making this one :/ but in the end, I’m glad I messed up on both because I love it as is! Who was I kidding… I don’t need a maxi skirt in this summer heat!
  • The fabric is a heather cotton rib knit (also from Girl Charlee). I lined the waistband with some lightweight jersey I had sitting around but opted not to line the main skirt (again… the heat!). I added 3 inches to the length and angled the pattern slightly on the fold to get a little more bulk (very little). I finished the bottom hem with a double needle. Only problem was my machine really tried to devour this fabric – next time I use fabric like this I definitely need something to stabilize the hem.
  • The pattern itself is amazing. Lauren’s instructions are some of the clearest I’ve seen, and I love the tiled pdf so you only have to print what size(s) you need. Since finishing the skirt, I’ve already purchased herFoxglove Tank pattern and have one two in progress :)

Syrah Skirt, Short Version | Life by Ky Blog

Syrah Skirt, Short Version | Life by Ky Blog

Plantain Tee & Syrah Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

Now on to my extras…


  • Once I finished the two above, I thought about what a nice tee that pink fabric would make. I didn’t have quite enough left, though… so I adjusted the pattern slightly to make a tank! I had to seam together the back piece, but you can barely tell once I put it on.
  • Because of the rib knit, I definitely could’ve sized down for a more fitted tank, but I went ahead and cut the same size as before and it still fits great. I finished the neckline with a long straight stitch again, and finished the arm holes and bottom hem by serging, folding under, and using a long straight stitch. I’m not sure if it was the bulk of the serged edge or the new needle I put in my machine, but this hem was much more manageable than when I finished my skirt!

Plantain Tee - Tank Modification | Life by Ky Blog

Plantain Tee - Tank Modification | Life by Ky Blog

Plantain Tee - Tank Modification | Life by Ky Blog


  • Last but not least… I made undies!
  • I had enough fabric left that I knew I didn’t want to toss it out, but not enough to really make anything… until I remembered this pattern! Only 3 pages to print and I had just enough leftover pink ribbon elastic so I figured it was meant to be.
  •  I ended up making them about an inch shorter than they were supposed to be (a good reason to pay attention closely when you are cutting funny shaped small pieces of fabric) and had to piece together the front. I admit, they look a little funky… but they fit!

So, Zo Undies | Life by Ky Blog

Aaaand goodbye pink cotton rib fabric! You are done!

Serious question, though, what do you do with your funky small pieces of knit fabric leftovers?? I feel like it’s much easier to put scrap wovens to use… but small pieces of knit, do you just toss them? (It makes me so sad to toss them)

OH… and I know many of you can probably relate so I thought I’d share… I asked my guy to take a few pictures for me, which I rarely do because he usually quickly takes a couple and walks away and gets frustrated when I ask for more. Sooo this time I ended up with a few of me, including the ones above, and about 70 of the pups playing in the yard. He kept saying, “hold on.. these are really important… they are just too cute”



Needless to say, he is a really great puppy daddy… so for Father’s Day I used up a good chunk of the puppy fabric I had left from the Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge (also used here) to make him some PJs! Problem is all I’ve made for him are PJs and he’s starting to request other things. I might have to break down and branch into menswear at some point…


We had a lake day today for Father’s Day (for the first time this summer) and it was wonderful! We’re headed back out next weekend to go SUPing for my 3oth (eek!) and I could not be more excited. I’ve been wanting to go for years so here’s hoping it’s all it’s cracked up to be :) Have you been SUPing? Did you love it?? :)

Until next time,



  1. I love how drapey the skit is! And the top looks great as well! I have no idea what to do with my knit scraps either…if someone has a good idea and shares with you, please let us know! What is SUPing?

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  2. I haven’t figured out a great project for those small knit scraps, but if it’s bigger than a pocket I still keep it. I’ve had the So Zo undies pattern at the ready but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. The only other scrap idea I have is making plushies, but the little one’s I know are too well stocked in toys for me to spend my precious sewing time on it.

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    • Hmm… plushies… that’s a very good idea! I’ve thought about making dog toys but the only time I did my dog snuck into the stash of them (I had made them for gifts) and tore them apart the afternoon after making them. But maybe for babies/children they would last a little longer. :)


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