Month: November 2013

Dog Blog

Probably a little more often than we should and/or more often than I would normally like to admit to people — Danny and I talk in dog language. We have entire conversations some days without saying a word to each other. We talk for our dogs. They have conversations. Many days they talk more than we do ;) Sometimes I have to scold Finn for using bad language and Zoe always comes off as the little princess who believes the world revolves around her (which I’m about 100% sure is absolutely true… for example, Zoe said today that she wants to move to Beverly Hills and live in a house with a big gate with a “Z” on it). But anyway, Danny always talks in his Zoe voice about her Dog Blog (she seems to think she has one and that it’s very popular). So, short story long… I couldn’t help but find this actual dog blog absolutely adorable. Ellie is a BDAR alum — recently adopted into her forever home — and she’ll tell …

No-Sew Fabric Box

I will definitely be making more of these now that I have loads of scrap fabric lying around. Basically just followed this with a Keurig K-cup box… but with fabric instead of paper and glue instead of tape. Anything that makes just a little bit of my world more organized makes me happy.   Here’s the making of:     


Just another reason I keep the boy around: So I asked Danny what he wanted to do for Thanksgiving, since neither of us are able to get work off to go anywhere this year (again!). To that he responds, “Well, I thought we could volunteer… serving food or something”. :) Speaking of which, I just found and LOVE this section of Cheyenne’s newspaper website. It gives you no excuse not to get out there and do something useful in the community.

Bark and Wine

Last night was BDAR’s 3rd Annual Bark & Wine event! It’s a big fundraiser for the pups at the Historic Hynds Building in Cheyenne… there was food, a band, tons of silent auction items and of course wine and adoptable pups… plus one live auction at the end that we had a very hard time not bidding on (it was a week-long vacation at a luxury Steamboat cabin that held up to 12 people). I had my reluctant sidekick with me (Danny) – we decided on two items and I put down a few other bids but got out-bid on everything but one – a photo of one of the Union Pacific trains. We’ve started collecting photos and such from places that we go… so this one will be a good Cheyenne memory :) OH, they also had a “Name a Foster Dog” donation thing going on… so Danny donated to name a pup Donut… I just can’t wait to see who they decide to give the name to. I made two items for the auction… a …