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Dog Blog

Probably a little more often than we should and/or more often than I would normally like to admit to people — Danny and I talk in dog language. We have entire conversations some days without saying a word to each other. We talk for our dogs. They have conversations. Many days they talk more than we do ;) Sometimes I have to scold Finn for using bad language and Zoe always comes off as the little princess who believes the world revolves around her (which I’m about 100% sure is absolutely true… for example, Zoe said today that she wants to move to Beverly Hills and live in a house with a big gate with a “Z” on it). But anyway, Danny always talks in his Zoe voice about her Dog Blog (she seems to think she has one and that it’s very popular). So, short story long… I couldn’t help but find this actual dog blog absolutely adorable. Ellie is a BDAR alum — recently adopted into her forever home — and she’ll tell you all about it :)

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