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Let Snowboard Season Begin

So Danny seems to think that I should be a snowboarder. I’m not sure yet if it’s really going to work out. But, if it means we get to go on lots of mini-vacations to beautiful snowy mountains and resorts… I say count me in! Our first adventure — Vail (last weekend)! I wanted to go to Breckenridge first… after reading it was more beginner friendly (and I really didn’t want to look ridiculous learning how to snowboard at one of the nicest resorts in the world)… but hey! oh well… that’s just how it worked out. I took a full day class and Danny went off adventuring the mountain on his own. I’m definitely not a natural, and nowhere near confident, but practice makes perfect, right? And I didn’t kill myself plummeting down a mountain, so I’d say that’s a pretty successful first day.

Here was the view from our room at Vail Cascade (thank you, Groupon!):

P1011307 Stitch_small


And my snowboard class:



I’m really liking this EpicMix thing… it tells you your daily stats – what runs, how many, any photos they take of you while you’re on the mountain, etc… pretty awesome.

Of note: the mean temperature in Vail on Sunday was 6 degrees (warmer than Cheyenne… but still…) :/

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