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Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! Patriotic fruit pizza was a great way to celebrate – made this for our work BBQ yesterday. It was a pinterest inspiration success. Used a sugar cookie base, mixed cream cheese with powdered sugar and melted marshmallows for the middle layer, and found some deliciously fresh berries to top it off. Almost looks healthy, even though it’s not :) Also made peanut butter chocolate bars (one of my favorites!) and sangria (mmm…). If I were ever to make a list of the things these people are good at other than pharmacy… eating would definitely be at the top of the list :) Oh, and I’ve decided sangria is the perfect solution to wines you’re not a huge fan of. I had two open bottles of white wine in the fridge that neither of us liked enough to finish. But… mix them together, toss in some  fruit, let it sit… and you have a delicious drink no matter what the wine tasted like before. Win!

Me-Made-May… maybe next year :)

I’m just getting into this whole sewing world, and I’m realizing more and more every time I come online that the online sewing community is massive! :) It’s awesome. Seriously… lately I’ve been going online in the evenings and Danny keeps asking me what I’m doing. My answer is always something like “oh, you know, surfing the interwebs”… then he says “pinteresting?” (lol)… then I say “no… reading sewing blogs!”. Can you tell how I spend my time online?… :) I’m not sure which one makes me awesomer… but I’m pretty sure he thinks I’ve gone a little insane. But that’s okay with me!… and anyway I can’t keep up! There are so many! (And yes, I realize I just created a whole slew of words in that paragraph…). So anyway, it seems that everyone and their sister (and mother and brother) is participating in Me-Made-May or “MMM’14” – it’s a challenge for people to make a conscious effort to wear the items that they make. I would have loved to participate… but I have two …

Getting ready for October

Okay, so maybe it’s not technically October yet. But I’m definitely already getting into the Halloween spirit. Especially because I am making Seven Dwarfs costumes for myself and 6 of my co-workers. I’m 2 down right now… only 5 to go! Plus the shoes and belts (we are determined to win the clinic’s Halloween contest this year) :). But, today, I decided to take a break from the costumes and start getting ready for my own Halloween. I’m slowly collecting holiday decorations of my own, but I really don’t have much. So, I decided to put just about everything I have together this year to deck out my entry table. Here’s what I came up with: Then, I took inspiration from here and here to make a Halloween pillow cover (Sewing Project #9): The ribbon isn’t exactly straight… I didn’t feel like putting in the additional effort that would have required… but I’m still pretty happy with how it turned out. And it cost next to nothing (maybe a dollar, if that… I used a …

Birthdays and PJ Pants

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people in the whole wide world! Bethany yesterday and Danny tomorrow! Bethany is finally old with me… and Danny is basically ancient… he’s turning the big 3-0! :) We were supposed to go down to Ft Collins yesterday for a cooking class… but this rain has been so insane the past few days… the highway was closed! Of course we didn’t look before we left, thinking for sure it would be open (yesterday morning was actually sunny for a while), but then we reached the flashing lights and barricade and had to turn around :/ Then we had plans to go to dinner with my pharmacy people (the guys were planning a shrimp-eating contest at Red Lobster)… but the weather killed that too. And of course we didn’t realize that one until we got there either. We walked in, said what party we were looking for… the girl wasn’t sure so we walked around to find them… once we didn’t find them I checked my phone… sure enough, …

Purple Maxi Skirt

Sewing Project #5 My first made-completely-from-scratch clothing item. :) Made with inspiration from here and here. My parents came to visit last weekend and my mom (the sewing expert in the family) mentioned that I could have made it a little shorter. But I said no… I made it extra long… just because I can!