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Me-Made-May… maybe next year :)

I’m just getting into this whole sewing world, and I’m realizing more and more every time I come online that the online sewing community is massive! :) It’s awesome. Seriously… lately I’ve been going online in the evenings and Danny keeps asking me what I’m doing. My answer is always something like “oh, you know, surfing the interwebs”… then he says “pinteresting?” (lol)… then I say “no… reading sewing blogs!”. Can you tell how I spend my time online?… :) I’m not sure which one makes me awesomer… but I’m pretty sure he thinks I’ve gone a little insane. But that’s okay with me!… and anyway I can’t keep up! There are so many! (And yes, I realize I just created a whole slew of words in that paragraph…).

So anyway, it seems that everyone and their sister (and mother and brother) is participating in Me-Made-May or “MMM’14” – it’s a challenge for people to make a conscious effort to wear the items that they make. I would have loved to participate… but I have two little hurdles… #1. I’ve only actually made six wearable items for myself (1,2,3,4,5,6), and that’s including one Halloween costume :/ and #2. I wear a uniform every day. Pretty sure my commander wouldn’t go for “well ma’am, I really needed to wear this tulle skirt today… because I made it… and I need to blog about it” :)

To be fair, I wear my aztec sweater all the time… but considering the snow and thunderstorms we’ve been having… I’m not quite ready to wear shorts, a tank top or a skirt anyway. So my pledge, instead, is to take a look at my wardrobe, figure out what needs to stay or go (or be refashioned) :) Then make a plan to fill in the gaps with me-made items. Then who knows… next year I may have enough to participate (and hopefully learn a bunch and improve my sewing along the way)!

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