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I have the best coworkers… just sayin’

“These are for the Captain” was all I heard behind me. I turned around to see these being handed through the pharmacy window:


My techs know that I’ve been worn down lately. After taking over as Flight Commander almost two months ago, it’s been one thing after another and I’ve been averaging 11-13 hour work days plus weekends. We’re getting everything together, and it shouldn’t stay like this forever, but for now it’s busy. Very busy. But this was such an unexpected surprise… I almost started crying right then and there. I’ve been truly blessed (can I say blessed if I’m not religious?) to be working with such a great group of people. We may have our ups and downs in the workplace, but at the end of the day everyone really cares about one another. And with that I really couldn’t ask for more! So I set the flowers by my checking station and got to smell them the rest of the day. Count a narc… smell the flowers… check a dose… smell the flowers…so on and so forth… it was a nice afternoon :)

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