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Sew Stretchy: The Monthly Stitch

My May entry for The Monthly Stitch! Sew Stretchy! To be honest I feel more frightened of sewing wovens than knits… but one of these days I should probably learn the proper way to sew stretchy fabrics. For now I’m just faking it as I go…

I found this awesome floral jersey at Joann’s and immediately remembered this contrast back sheath dress tutorial.  I traced the shape from a shirt and pencil skirt like the tutorial suggests. I cut the front and back and sewed the side seams… then tried it on. I decided the fabric was too thin for me to feel comfortable in. So instead I folded the top inside the skirt to give it a lining, added some elastic at the top and a ruffle layer at the bottom to give it some extra length and turned it into a flared pencil skirt. The purple jersey was leftover from the last skirt I made. With it being lined, it’s super comfortable and I’ll definitely wear it… but for my next project I’m hoping to go for something a little more practical. :)





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