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Mother’s Day / May Weather / Cooking and Crafting Fails

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom a girl could ask for!

In honor of Mother’s Day (even though she’s half the country away), I used this recipe to make cinnamon rolls this morning (well, last night/this morning… they were overnighters)! It was my first attempt at homemade cinnamon rolls. It failed. I’m thinking it was a combination of not making any high altitude adjustments and not letting it rise long enough in the morning, but they were pretty dense. Flavor was ok… but they were definitely not the big fluffy cinnamon rolls I was going for. :( Next time less impatience. More deliciousness.

Also in honor of Mother’s Day, I attempted the ‘cut a wine bottle with nail polish remover and string’ thing. Wanted to make her a nice DIY candle. That failed too. :/

I tried three different kinds of string/yarn, 4 different bottles… but only got one to work. And it wasn’t very nice. I tried to sand it down, and went ahead and made a candle out of it anyway (thought maybe I could wrap some ribbon around the top to hide the edge), but in the end decided it was a fail. Kept the candle for myself (maybe I’ll use it if the power goes out in this weather) and got my mom flowers instead… but this definitely isn’t the end of my attempts at this. Might have to invest in a bottle cutter… but I’ll get it to work eventually…

IMGP0823 IMGP0826

IMGP0829 IMGP0830

IMGP0914 IMGP0916

Lastly… it’s been snowing here since sometime in the middle of the night… it’s 11:00am and it’s still coming down. This is not what May is supposed to look like!

IMGP0869  IMGP0878  IMGP0871IMGP0870IMGP0877IMGP0886

The pups love it though! they play hard…


(look at those fangs!)


(so vicious! it makes me cringe… but they never hurt each other) :/


Then rest hard… :)

IMGP0901 IMGP0909

(just don’t pay attention to the Zoe hair on the chair… despite the weather, she’s in full-blown Spring husky coat-blowing mode… and despite our best efforts, we can’t always keep up with it) :/


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