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A to Z Brand Inspiration Challenge & A is for Anthropologie Splitback Tee

So here’s my problem. Back when I started knitting and crocheting, I would go into stores and refuse to buy myself any knit or crochet items. “I could make that!” I would always tell myself… why would I buy it for $$$such and such. To be fair, the majority of the time I wouldn’t actually get around to making things for myself… so I’d refuse to buy things, but I wouldn’t end up making them either. It’s just the principle. So now my problem has grown. Now that I’m sewing, I go into stores and say “I could make that!” about everything! I’m afraid I’m never going to be able to buy clothes again. :/ Obviously I can’t make everything I see… I’m just not that talented yet… but still…

With that thought in mind and while searching the blogsphere for sewing inspiration, I found a good number of A to Z challenges (I especially like the Sew All 26 challenge at No Big Dill)… but seeing that that challenge just ended, and I’m not sure I could keep to a schedule that well, I decided to give myself my own personal A to Z challenge. For whenever I can’t think of what to work on next… I’ll look to my A to Z Brand Inspiration Challenge. As I go through the alphabet, I’ll find a store, brand or designer for each letter, and figure out how to make an item of clothing that in the past I would have bought (or not bought because it was too expensive). I’ll find similar patterns to use as a starting point and/or make them up as I go.

So here it begins…


Theirs: $58

Capture10 Capture11

Mine: ~$6.50


I used McCall’s M6658 as a starting point.


I cut the front panel and the sleeves (view C, size small) straight from the pattern from a “papyrus velour” lightweight orange knit that I got from the remnants stash at JoAnn’s. I eyeballed the back, cutting the two diagonal panels. Then used a semi-sheer cream colored fabric from my grandma stash for the rest of the back – I used the pattern, but left an extra couple of inches in the center so I could add a few pleats at the top and rounded the bottom hemline. The neckline didn’t turn out as great as I was hoping. I made it too thick for the rest of the shirt. I also need to learn how to hem thin knits (so my sleeves don’t get all stretched out and wavy)… but overall I like how it turned out. I’ll definitely be willing to wear it in public :)


(yes, I know I look tired… puppies don’t let me sleep!)



Join the fun!

A to Z Sewing Challenge | Life by Ky Blog


  1. I’m never drawn to orange as a colour, but love what you’ve done with it here. It goes perfectly with the cream. I’ve started to ban myself from buying things I could make too. Not sure how long I’ll hold out for…


    • Thank you so much! I normally don’t go for orange either, but I think this one worked out alright. :) You should hold out for a while… the stuff you make is adorable! :)


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