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Catching Up… Maui Wedding Makes!

Let’s not talk about when I actually made these… ;) Let’s just jump right in…

First up… TEAM BRIDE Shirts!


The bride helped me with these ones… I broke out my Cricut for the first time in a LONG time (I’ve only used it a couple of times – here and here – but when I need it, it definitely comes in handy!!!). I cut and she ironed :) We ALMOST ran out of the vinyl, so we had to get creative with the cutting on the last couple, but we ended up having just enough!

IMG_20160612_110622123 (1) IMG_20160615_074257965_HDR (1)

The shirts are from here, and we used glitter vinyl that I’ve had sitting around for a couple of years. I can’t even remember what I originally bought it for :/ All of the shirts were mint except for the bride’s which of course was white and just said Bride. I originally had thought about buying them… but this way was so much better! Not to mention quicker and cheaper! See them in full bridal force here. :)

Next up, the Hey June Charleston bachelorette party dress! (middle, teal, on the bride, below) :D


I was terrible about getting photos of all of this stuff… this is about the only picture of the full dress and you can’t see it all that well. But anywhoo… it was about a day and a half before we were flying out that we decided I needed to make another dress. And by “we” I mean “her” ;) but we knew that the Charleston fit her well (from her bridal shower dress!)  and I put her to work cutting out the pattern pieces that we didn’t already have! We went with view B this time, tank version, and I converted the neckline to a v-neck using the Union St. Tee pattern. Had a few issues with my hemming, but other than that it came together fairly quickly.

Next, the most sentimental make of them all… the garter!


B gave me a bag of fabric and notions they put together that had been her grandma’s after we realized that we needed her “something blue” and “something old” still and of course she needed a garter. I pulled out what I thought might work together, and used this tutorial to put it together. To hide the elastic, I used three layers – the ribbon on top, then a folded piece of the polka dot fabric sewn to the ribbon on both sides, then the double sided lace underneath, with the elastic in between the polka dot fabric and the lace.


I’m still really happy with how it turned out. :)

Last but not least, the getting ready robes!


I used this wonderful free robe pattern from Erin at, a mint rayon jersey spandex from Stylish Fabric, along with lace trim from Cali Fabrics for the bridal robe :) Here was the best view I got of them finished… and here they were on the day:

IMGP9522 IMGP9533

And just because it was so crazy beautiful… here are a few shots from the wedding :D



IMGP9593 IMGP9575


IMGP9679 IMGP9689


IMGP9760 IMGP9794


Gaaa! Can we go back, please!? :)

Oh, and don’t be surprised if you start seeing more wedding sewing/crafting pop up on here… because this happened. Yep, it’s official :) And yes, no need to ask, I am absolutely making my own dress. Bring on that challenge!

Until next time,



    • Thanks!! :D LOL… so I’ve been thinking about what’s going to go into planning the wedding for barely two weeks now and I’m pretty sure you are right on the money!


      • It’s not just the planning or the money, it’s that everyone has this idealized version of your wedding and when you tell them you are doing something different from their “plan” for you….well……. then the *OPINIONS* start rolling out…. :|


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