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A (Mostly) Handmade Baby Shower

My sis’s baby shower turned out really fun! We wanted to go with something unique and not store bought… so my mom and I got to work :) Thank you to Pinterest, as always, for the endless inspiration.

Theme: Nautical (Ahoy! It’s a Boy!)

Colors: Blue and Orange


  • Baby Shower Bingo
  • Sperm Toss Tournament
  • Guess Em’s Belly Size (I’m sure there is a better name for this game… but whatevs) :)

My favorite part: I’m so glad I found this note on Pinterest before I sent out the invites. Actually, there are a ton of them out there with slightly different wording, but I think it’s is such a cute idea! Especially for my sis — she’s a big reader. She was able to leave the party with a whole collection of children’s books, and each with meaning because they came from all of her friends and family.

For the invites, I finally broke out my Cricut! I got it for Christmas and back then I was super excited to start using it… then it got set on a shelf :/ … the only other time I used it before this was for my cousin’s quiet book. So yay! It was anchors galore! :)



Other Handmade Items:

  • Bunting! For this I just cut triangles and made ~1/2 inch “bias tape” (not cut on the bias) for the top, sewing the triangles into it. I probably should have used fray check on the edges, but never got around to it.


  • Diaper cake courtesy of my cousin!


  • Baby Shower Bingo cards! I made these cards in Word and printed them on cardstock paper. I think we were all just surprised how difficult it was to fill in that many spaces!
    • Note: If you happen to be looking for sailboat baby shower bingo cards, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the pdf file. I spent enough time on those stripes, someone else might as well get some use out of them! :) [For personal use only; and make sure to let me know if you use them – I’d love to hear about it!]


  • Bean bag sperm! For each, I cut two pieces of fabric in the general shape and a wavy tail. Sewed them right sides together, leaving an opening, flipped them right side out, filled them with a mixture of dry beans, and sewed the opening at the same time as inserting the tail. I liked the eyes on the same side, but Danny thought they should be on either side, so I went half and half! I’m not sure which I like better… lol. The eyes I just hot glued on at the end.


  • Aaaaand the Sperm Toss board! For this, my mom covered one of their cornhole boards with thick paper. She used a projector to trace the design and used regular blue painters tape around the edges. Ahahaha… it still cracks me up… I think it’s winning!


  • Tournament Standings board. Of course the sperm toss tournament wasn’t complete without keeping track of the winners. I had this printed at Office Max… one of their engineering prints – it was only like $3… totally worth it :) The tournament got pretty competitive. There was even talk of t-shirts and making it a yearly event. lol If nothing else, at least it got a lot of laughs.


  • Last but not least, the prize ribbons. I used THIS and THIS as inspiration, sewed ribbon into box pleats and hot-glued everything together (and had a little too much fun with the sayings) :)


Here’s how everything turned out! (oh, I also made that wreath… used one of those foam circle things and wrapped it with yarn), and my mom did the flower arrangements. She had the little soaps made as favors at a cute local shop called The Soap Shack Baby (they also sell their stuff online — check them out!).

IMGP1786 IMGP1814






IMGP1856 IMGP1869

That’s my adorable big sis right there! We thought about having her make her own baby shower cake (she’s a super talented baker!) but eventually decided to go ahead and have it made. Don’t you just love how it turned out!? Oh my goodness, so cute!

Until next time,



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