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Happy New Year!

HAPPY beginning of 2014!


2013 was a great year! So many things happened I could never recount them all but here are a few notables:

  • Moved to a new place (I can’t believe we’ve almost lived here a year already!)
  • Adopted Finn (amazing decision…. I couldn’t imagine my life without him)
  • Went to BOMO (Biomedical Officer Management Orientation) in San Antonio
  • Got my new car! (I’m still absolutely in love with the thing)
  • Visited a new country (Belize)
  • Completed my 2nd half-marathon
  • Crossed a few items off the Cheyenne Bucket List (which I need to write down one of these days), including the Manitou Incline, high tea at the Nagle Warren Mansion, Wild Animal Sanctuary, and Red Rocks Park
  • Went to Trina & Danh’s wedding (and congratulated Kendra & Adam from afar)!
  • Also said goodbye to a couple of people who’s lives were cut way too short – Lacy, a Phi Delta Chi brother and my cousin John.

Here’s to cherishing the memories of those we’ve lost, to loving and enjoying the time we have with those around us, and to wishing always for amazing days to come.

And a few things I’m looking forward to in 2014:

  • Squadron Officer School (I’m headed back to Alabama in March!)
  • Getting to know my new camera (I dropped and broke my old camera a couple weeks ago… now I’ve upgraded to a full digital SLR – I got my Pentax K-50 in the mail on the last day of 2013 just in time to get it ready for a new year of photos!)
  • More Cheyenne/WY adventures!… will be ringing in the new year with more snowboarding! Also, we decided to plan one “local” trip and one “exotic” trip every year… I can’t wait to start planning 2014! And camping… we’re definitely going camping this year.
  • More crafting! Knitting, sewing, and Cricut-ing, oh-my! (Super excited about my new Cricut that I got for Christmas)
  • Wine Club! 3 bottles of wine delivered to my door every month :) (We have a gym membership that rarely gets taken advantage of… at least this membership will be put to good use!)
  • Well-mannered pups by the middle of the year (it’s a lofty goal but I think it’s doable!) :/

Here’s to a happy, healthy 2014!




(Yes, that’s drool… I woke him up from his nap to take a picture)


(Zoe is not impressed)


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