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Christmas Crafting, Part 2

(See Part One)

Before it gets too far from the season…

#6. Infinity Scarf (gift for Bethany)

#7. Finn’s Christmas Stocking!

Finished on Christmas day – luckily we weren’t celebrating with the pups until I got back from California :) It turned out a lot smaller than Zoe’s but I didn’t realize it until I got back and put them next to each other. Oh, well… :) He still enjoyed the treats that came out of it! I used this pattern.


Here is Zoe with hers from last year:


#8. Magic The Gathering Coffee Mug (gift for Danny)

I tried out the sharpie technique (write anything on the mug with a sharpie and bake it for a half hour at 350 degrees) – worked like a charm. I cut out the symbols, traced them onto the mug and filled them in with colored sharpies. Danny is excited to bring it to work.

 ?????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

#9. Purple Dress Apron (gift for Em)

This was my first attempt at using a pattern. I used McCall’s M6366, option C (I got a bunch of patterns when JoAnn’s was having a $1 pattern sale – score! …I can’t justify buying them otherwise…). The pattern was a pain. It wasn’t hard, it was just annoying to keep track of all the pieces. But I guess that’s all part of the learning process. :) I think it turned out pretty cute though. Em tried it on and said “I don’t even have to wear anything under this” lol (because it’s basically a full dress… the skirt part goes all the way around). Wouldn’t really advise that though…


??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

And of course I had my trusty little helper:



#10. “Home Is Where The Pups Are” Sign (Gift for Danny from the pups)

This was my favorite gift of all! I started with a wood stain on a pre-cut board that I got from Michael’s (I would have loved to cut and sand my own board too… but I was a little short on time and my woodworking supplies are pretty much non-existent… one day!). Then once the stain dried I printed and traced the letters. I printed photos of the pups and traced those on as well and then filled in the letters and the pup silhouettes with acrylic paint. This one’s going in the entryway. :)



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