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Stolen Email / Facebook Spam / My New Archenemy

For well over a year now, some girl has had her Facebook account set up under my email address. I didn’t know it until recently because I don’t use that email anymore – but, I had to go in there for something the other day and found hundreds… no, thousands… of email notifications from Facebook saying so-and-so said such-and-such about “my” photos and “my” comments, etc.

I searched and searched for a solution. It seems tons of other people have had the same thing happen and there’s not much anyone has found you can do about it. Here is Facebook’s solution to my problem:

  • Option 1: “Unsubscribe”  using the link at the bottom of any of those emails.

OK, sure… because that’s going to solve my problem. Maybe I won’t receive the pesky emails anymore but my email will still be connected to some random girl’s account. Thanks, Facebook.

  • Option 2: Add the email address to your account

So the idea behind this one is that you add the email to your account so it removes it from theirs. Yea, good try again, Facebook. If I try to add the email, it gives me a notice that I cannot do so because that email address is already being used by another account.

OK, yes, ultimately, this is probably not hurting anything or anyone (except maybe my Yahoo inbox… and my soul). But it’s the principle. I don’t want someone else to have an account of any kind under my email. Is that too much to ask? Maybe it is. Ugh. 

Some people suggest using the “forgot password” link to go in and reset the password so the person can’t get to their account. Or so you can go in and delete the email. Tried it. Doesn’t work. Now that they have the extra security measures, it requires that I have her security question answers and/or recognize the photos of her friends. I did successfully lock her out of her account for a while because I tried unsuccessfully to guess her friends and get into her account to remove my email. I’m pretty sure I got close… so maybe next time…

I also tried sending her a message. I tried to “friend” her because this will usually allow you to send the person a message. It allowed me to send a friend request, but it didn’t allow me to send her a message (she must have this blocked). Next up, I message her friends… (or get to know them and what they look like… see paragraph above).

I reported it to Facebook twice, but I’m fairly positive those messages go nowhere. I’m running out of ideas… but I’m not giving up yet. I’ll let you know if I ever have any success. This girl doesn’t realize how determined I can be…

She’s my new archenemy and she doesn’t even know it. (And I’m pretty sure she’s like 9… I really can’t tell these days… they all look so young).

This is her.

If anyone happens to read this, has had the same problem, and fixed it somehow… please, please let me know. Thanks. I will love you forever.

Add this to my list of goals for 2014…

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