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Christmas Crafting

No better time than the holidays to get your crafting on. Here are a few things I’ve worked on recently: #1. Fabric Ruffle Garland This started out because I was trying to make a backdrop for our Christmas card photo. I cut strips of the leftover fabric I had from Grumpy’s costume, left the edges raw, and put my sewing machine to work. No need for a ruffle foot (maybe one day I will actually look up what that is)… just set it to a long straight stitch and bump the tension up to 9 (as I learned here). The ruffles worked out great (SP15)… but the backdrop was a work in progress and looked something like this: Not exactly what I was going for… so I used the fabric strips as garland instead: #2. Merry Christmas Banner (see above)… with this as my inspiration, I cut the letters from leftover shiny paper I had from making the Evil Queen’s mirror for our Snow White Halloween display at the pharmacy and put it together with …

New Traditions

LOL… writing that title for some reason made me think of New Directions and how super behind I am on Glee… bummer… :/ Also very far behind on Once Upon A Time. That’s what I get for trying to watch shows on TV… guess I will just have to wait for them to come out on Netflix/DVD! Christmas was weird… it was my first Christmas away from home. And with that, away from all of my family. So many new traditions are beginning, especially after the passing of my grandma (no more ‘everyone go to Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve’, etc) and I’m not sure how to process it. Plus, the new generation is coming – Eva and Scott have Jax now… and George and Shelly have a whole little clan :) It was a great Christmas, don’t get me wrong – Danny, Zoe and I had a relaxing day at home with lots of fun new things to play with – but it’s just different, and I’ve never been excited about change when it comes …

K-LOVE, you trickster

Today, I finally decided to leave my car radio set on K-LOVE for a while. I constantly find myself skimming through stations and landing on a station playing a song I haven’t heard before. I listen for a while, thinking, hmm… this has a nice tune… I wonder why I haven’t heard this song before. Then, after listening closer to the words that I have begun singing along to, I realize I am singing about the lord. That’s about the time I remember that I am not actually religious. Oh well… what can ya do… I still enjoy the tunes.