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Me-Made Inventory & A New Make!

Before I get into outfits and what not… it’s nice to see everything in one place – or take a look at what I’m up against, however you want to look at it. So here it is in all its glory… my me-made wardrobe!







It’s not much, but it’s mine and I love that it’s slowly growing and helping me figure out my style (or if I even have one) :) See individual posts for most of the items here.

And now for my first me-made make in May! Say that 5 times fast :)

I wanted to try out the sizing on the Union St. Tee, so while I was cutting fabric for a skirt, I cut one out in the same fabrics. I cut a small this time because the fabric was a little thicker and more stretchy than last time. It’s a black ponte de roma from Girl Charlee, and I combined it with this black stretch vegan leather for the sleeves. A fun twist on the plain black tee.



I topstitched the neckline this time around because the fabric was thicker and didn’t lay nice without.

IMGP5326 IMGP5329

Not much else to say about this one. Other than that this pattern is definitely going into the tried and true pile :)

I’m loving the Me-Made-May posts popping up out there… I’ll give an update soon :) Happy Monday!

Until next time,



  1. Love your top! You did a nice work on the neckline and the sleeves are fabulous :)
    Can not wait to see your MMM update.


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