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D is for DVF Leather Combo Pencil Skirt

The A to Z Brand Inspiration Challenge. It’s all about taking something I find that I love and re-creating it. In order, of course, because I like things to have some kind of order. lol I’ve also been trying to find things with some sort of unique detail that challenges my sewing ability in some way or causes me to adjust a pattern to match the item.

My choice for D could have been really easy. D is for DVF – why not do a wrap dress? Well, it seemed like too traditional of a choice at the time, though it would have been an excellent challenge. Maybe it was too much pressure. Maybe I should have just gone for it.

Anyway, I didn’t. I decided to try a new material instead – vegan leather!

D is for DVF Butterick B5566 | Life by Ky Blog


Diane Von FurstenbergLeather Combo Pencil Skirt (now out of stock)

Theirs: $Some crazy amount of money (something like these)


Mine: ~$16 (including the cost of the pattern, which I got on sale back when I still lived near a Joann’s)

D is for DVF Butterick B5566 | Life by Ky Blog

The fabric is from Girl Charlee. I used a combo of the Stretch Faux Vegan Leather and Solid Black Ponte de Roma. Same combo I used here. Only thing I’ve found already that I don’t like about this fabric is that the ponte pills like crazy, even after just one wear. I’m not sure if that’s just common across the board with ponte de roma? Or maybe it’s just this one. I’ll still use what I have, though.

D is for DVF Butterick B5566 | Life by Ky Blog

Awkward pose, much? This skirt was nearly impossible to photograph… I had to take what I could get :)

For the pattern, I used Butterick B5566, view D. I thought about trying to adjust the design to better match the inspiration skirt, but I really liked the shape as it was, so I left it. I also didn’t hem anything. I like the length as is so I haven’t brought myself to hem it yet :) It works though; neither fabric frays! Next time for this pattern I’ll add a little more length so I can actually finish it properly.

Untitled picture

D is for DVF Butterick B5566 | Life by Ky Blog

(shirt available here; I also love this one) :)

Looking back, I probably should have gone for the non-stretch faux leather… I think the stretch on stretch with the ponte was a little too much (and created too much bunching), but it’s still a fun skirt! And it’s sooo stretchy!!

D is for DVF Butterick B5566 | Life by Ky Blog

I wore it to work the other day and it was the most comfortable thing ever.

Until next time,


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