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Pattern Testing: Blue Dot Patterns Coffeehouse Pant!

I first learned about Blue Dot Patterns back in 2015 when Melissa from Mahlica Designs invited me to participate in the Creative Sewing Challenge. Since that time, Diane has also come out with the Ally Skirt (which I love, but it came out right around the time I was working on my button up pencil skirt), and the Coffeehouse Pant (yes, that’s yours truly on the pattern page… ) :P I was lucky enough to test the pants back in September but had to hold out sharing them until they were released. They were released through UpCraft Club in January, and here I am, finally sharing mine now! :)

Blue Dot Coffeehouse Pant | Life By Ky Blog

I’d been hoarding this fabric since March of 2016. It’s a really soft suiting I got from Cali Fabrics when I was ordering fabrics for a few things I was making for my bff’s wedding that year (I’m a sucker for free shipping…). I got it at the same time as the lace trim for her getting ready robe, the white ponte I used on her bridal shower dress, and the denim I ended up using for my button up pencil skirt.

I originally wanted to make these in an olive rayon twill that I had set aside from Finch Fabrics, but ultimately decided on the suiting so I could wear them to work. And let me tell you… these have gotten so much wear already… probably the most of any of my recent makes! If ever I get motivated, though, I’ll definitely make the other ones for casual wear… I can only imagine the comfort.

Blue Dot Coffeehouse Pant | Life By Ky Blog Blue Dot Coffeehouse Pant | Life By Ky Blog

Blue Dot Coffeehouse Pant | Life By Ky Blog Blue Dot Coffeehouse Pant | Life By Ky Blog

Outfit details: White Tee is from Elizabeth & Clarke (best quality around!), the Blazer is from Stitch Fix, and the shoes are from where I get most of my shoes nowadays… I don’t even consider buying nice/expensive shoes anymore (not that their shoes aren’t nice, they are just reasonably priced, which I appreciate because most of them become dog treats). Seriously, my shoes NEVER last with Mr. Finny around — he has consumed more pairs than I can count — including these, these, these, these, and even my wedding shoes! Basically any photo I look back at in which I am wearing shoes makes me a little sad because at least 90% of the time I no longer have those shoes :( And no, it doesn’t seem to matter if I keep them up on a 6ft shelf in the closet behind closed doors… he still gets to them one way or another!

Okay, sidebar over… :) The crop length of the pants will be different on everyone, of course, but for the purpose of testing I didn’t adjust it at all to see where it fell on me, and I like it! For reference, I’m 5’9″ and mostly legs. My favorite part about the pants is definitely the shape of the pockets — so fun!

Blue Dot Coffeehouse Pant | Life By Ky Blog

That’s all for now! Check that out — two posts in one day after a 6-month break from blogging! Whaaat!? I should be back sometime soon with one more pattern test from 2017, last year’s Halloween makes, and some more wedding fun (maybe, just maybe, I’ll get all of the wedding stuff posted before our 1-year anniversary… who knows, it could happen) ;) … and perhaps even something from this year…

Until next time,


P.S. If you have any good girl name suggestions, I am all ears. We are getting nowhere!

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