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Pattern Testing: Button Up Pencil Skirt

My goodness, there are so many projects to catch up on and talk about! But for now, I’m just popping in to mention my latest pattern testing adventure with The Ruffled Stitch and her most recent pattern — The Button Up Pencil!

I have to admit, I’m a huge sucker for pencil skirts. Dress them up, dress them down – ladies always look so polished in a pencil skirt, am I right? I often feel like I’m not fancy enough to wear them, but I generally just pretend I’m more sophisticated than I am and wear them anyway. ;) My closet is home to a good number of pencil skirts, but very few casual ones. That’s why I jumped on the chance to test this pattern!

Button Up Pencil Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

The pattern has 2 versions – Version One with buttons all the way down, a back yoke, back pockets – the whole deal… and Version Two – the one I made – is a little more simple with a partial button placket and plain back – which just calls out to be sewn up with some fun fabrics (like this one – which was a huge hit after testing and I still can’t get over how awesome it is) :)

 Button Up Pencil Skirt | Life by Ky Blog Button Up Pencil Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

Button Up Pencil Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

I actually picked out some fabric specifically for this test while I was in ATL (pictured here, on top) but couldn’t find buttons that I was happy with in time so I decided on a more classic version using this grey denim from my stash. It’s a medium weight grey denim from Cali Fabrics with just a little bit on stretch (they call is heavyweight, but compared to other denims, it’s more on the light-medium side).

Button Up Pencil Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

I probably could have benefited from adding interfacing to my waistband, but it’s alright as is!

Button Up Pencil Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

What’s turned out to be one of my favorite details of the skirt is the mint topstitching thread, which I used because it was already in my machine and I thought it went well enough with the grey. :) That and it will remind me of the time when my sewing room was covered in mint-colored EVERYTHING (really, I should have taken a picture – there were shirts, fabric, robes, ribbon, zippers, thread – laid out, hung up, strewn about… it was ridiculous – it was all in preparation for my friend’s wedding last month, but it was really hilarious how much mint there was in one room).

Button Up Pencil Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

The buttons were from my stash – took me forever to find six matching ones but I’m so glad I did! That and the instructions on the button placket were wonderful. It was my first time making a button placket like this, and I didn’t have any trouble at all!

Button Up Pencil Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

The pattern was modified during testing and some more from when I made this version to the final, so the fit will be even better. Even without the alterations, though, the fit is great! I cut a straight 6, if I remember correctly, based on my measurements, and only brought the hip seam in slightly.

Button Up Pencil Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

Check out the other tester versions here! And make sure to tag along as Darcy will be doing a sew-along on the blog.

Button Up Pencil Skirt | Life by Ky Blog

Lastly, since I went to see the derm today… here’s my little PSA of the day:


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