Month: March 2014

Colors Quiet Book: Putting it All Together

There are definitely a number of tutorials out there on how to put together a quiet book, but I didn’t particularly love any of them. So here was my attempt at creating my own way. Disclaimer: I didn’t pay attention and ordered the pages completely wrong! :/ My original goal was to put them in the order of the rainbow… you know; figured that made the most sense. But then I didn’t plan it out. I blame it on being a beginner… or maybe I was just lacking that attention to detail they always talk about in the military :/ But either way, I wasn’t about to take it all apart once I realized what I did. lol… so you will notice there is absolutely no logical order to the colors in the finished book. Anywhoo… we’ll just ignore that little detail and show how I put it all together: Step 1: Cut long rectangular strips of fleece and sew your pages to them. With right sides together, sew coordinating pages together, flip inside out …

Slouchy Contrast Shoulder Tee and SoulPancake

I’ve been looking for a pattern of some kind to use this fabric with since I got it. It’s another one of my grandma stash fabrics. It’s very retro (as most of the fabrics from her are) :) but I think it’s fun. I used this pattern/tutorial – which is meant for lighter weight material, but I think it still came out okay. (SP27) Oh, and I meant to put this in it’s own post, but then I made a shirt… so they get to go together… I got caught on YouTube today after watching a Kid President video (“Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here”) which led me to some of his other videos which then led me to SoulPancake which apparently is full of some really awesome things. I don’t know how I haven’t come across it before. I rarely get on YouTube, but when I do I end up watching these mindless videos that are usually funny, yes, but not particularly meaningful. Gotta say… this stuff is good. Definitely a good …

Little things for the little ones

My little cousins keep multiplying! :) And another one’s due in May. Soooo… I’ve been a little busy… Newborn hat (made using this tutorial); the main fabric is from my grandma stash; the blue flower fabric is from a tank top (SP24) And here she is – the sweet little thing: Crochet baby sandals (made using this adorable pattern) and colors quiet book (see my other post on that here)   Little lumberjack hat (made using this tutorial… used flannel instead of the fleece that she used; but I think it worked out great… and it was really simple and quick to make, which is always a plus!) (SP25) Knit summer shirt (made using this pattern and yarn leftover from a pillow I made a while back)    Comfy knit dress (made using this awesome tutorial and fabric from my grandma stash) (SP26) I hope everything fits! Every time I see them it’s like they are another year or two older (usually because they are!) :(… so I really have no idea how big they’ve gotten other …

Texas Boot Cuffs

A while back, I randomly got a text from my cousin in Texas- she sent me a picture of some boot cuffs and asked if I could make anything like that for her. Of course I get excited when people request for me to make something for them, but it also makes me a bit nervous because they usually have a picture in their head of what they are expecting. Well… here’s hoping these go over well! Made some for my little cousin too (my cousin’s daughter… my first cousin once removed… or just my cousin, because I don’t really like the sound of ‘removed’). Anyway… finished the first pair a while ago and the second pair today! This weekend has been crazy full of finishing up WIPs (works in progress)… I feel so productive! Here are patterns links: for the ones on the left and the ones on the right.

Colors Quiet Book: The Rest!

Ok, so maybe I’m not cut out for scheduled blog posts. Here are the rest of the pages… now I just need to finish putting it together and get it mailed out before I leave for training and I’ll be good to go :) Page 4: GREEN My options: The end result: The making of: Page 5: BLUE My options: The end result: The making of: Page 6: PURPLE My options: The end result: The making of: Page 7: PINK My options: The end result: The making of: Page 8: BROWN My options: The end result: The making of: Page 9: BLACK My options: The end result: The making of: Page 10: WHITE My options: The end result: The making of: See the rest of the book.