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Little things for the little ones

My little cousins keep multiplying! :) And another one’s due in May. Soooo… I’ve been a little busy…

Newborn hat (made using this tutorial); the main fabric is from my grandma stash; the blue flower fabric is from a tank top (SP24)

IMGP0242 IMGP0244 IMGP0245

And here she is – the sweet little thing:

IMG_20140308_083947 (1)

Crochet baby sandals (made using this adorable pattern) and colors quiet book (see my other post on that here)

IMGP0400 IMGP0402 IMGP0404 IMGP0488

IMGP0458 IMGP0459IMGP0452

Little lumberjack hat (made using this tutorial… used flannel instead of the fleece that she used; but I think it worked out great… and it was really simple and quick to make, which is always a plus!) (SP25)

IMGP0492 IMGP0493 IMGP0495

Knit summer shirt (made using this pattern and yarn leftover from a pillow I made a while back)

IMGP0406 IMGP0410 IMGP0407

Comfy knit dress (made using this awesome tutorial and fabric from my grandma stash) (SP26)

IMGP0387 IMGP0388

I hope everything fits! Every time I see them it’s like they are another year or two older (usually because they are!) :(… so I really have no idea how big they’ve gotten other than facebook photos. Here’s hoping for the best! Either way, that’s ok… at least they give me reasons to try making new things.


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