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Workday Wardrobe Project

Alright! So… as you may know, one of my goals for this year (sewing year, not calendar year) :) is to develop my me-made work wardrobe. But I’d like to take it a step further. Instead of making random pieces that are work appropriate that I may or may not actually wear, I’d like to assess my current wardrobe and choose to make a few key pieces that I actually need and will get a lot of use out of. Enter my 2016 Workday Wardrobe Project!

Workday Wardrobe Project

Think a mixture of the Capsule Wardrobe concept, Wardrobe Architect, and Me-Made-May!

Here’s my dilemma: Whenever I try to find inspiration for a business casual wardrobe, all I see are adorable outfits with blazers, cardigans, heels, layers, purses, etc. etc. Well, none of this works for my workplace. It’s flats, pants, top, and white coat. Rinse and repeat. Maybe that’s normal for most people. Even if you’re in an office you likely are not carrying your statement purse around with you to complete your outfit wherever you go. But I came out of the military last year back to a wardrobe that was leftover from my time in school. And that’s what I’ve been wearing for the past year, plus a few random extras I’ve thrown in.

Maybe it’s silly to put this much thought into it at all. But I want to incorporate more me-made items into my work wardrobe. And I don’t like how random that wardrobe is right now. And I like to plan. So here we are!

Here’s my plan:

STEP 1: Clothing purge.

STEP 2: Figure out what works and what doesn’t in my work wardrobe (general styles; not specific items).

STEP 3: Figure out what I already have.

STEP 4: Figure out what I need and create a sewing plan.

STEP 5: SEW! And put together outfit combinations.

This may or may not turn into an actual capsule wardrobe (depending on what I have, need, have time to sew, etc.). In case it does, I’m hoping for STEP 1-4 in Jan/Feb so that I have Feb/Mar for sewing to get ready for a Spring (Apr-Jun) wardrobe. But that may all change. We’ll see :)

Thoughts? Do you sew for work? Any tips for an un-boring work wardrobe?

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  1. I like the sound of this plan, right up my street! Enjoy the purge bit, I’m so pleased with how good I’ve got at this bit. I also forced myself to slowly wear every single item in my work wardrobe and if I didn’t enjoy wearing it because it was too short/ too tight etc I just placed it in a charity bag at the end of the very same day. I saved any items that I liked or that fitted well, but that just didn’t go with anything else to consider later, might work for you too? Good luck!

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    • I like that idea! I went through one drawer a little while back and had fun getting rid of probably ~70% of my tank tops (I had a lot!) so I’m excited to do it with the rest. I tend to wear things even if they don’t fit great or if I don’t like them just to keep them in rotation so I love the idea of getting rid of them at the end of the day. Thanks! :)

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  2. Sounds like an amazing plan! It’s so nice to know exactly what you need in your wardrobe and make exactly that!
    My biggest tips would be to make things that can layer, and that are made out of really nice fabric. Once you have your foundation pieces, then you can throw in a crazier piece here and there. I loved working through the wardrobe architect mainly for narrowing down a cohesive colour palette. Makes putting outfits together a cinch!
    Can’t wait to see what you make!

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    • Yes! The color palette… I look in my closet and it’s such a mix. I would love for things to coordinate better! :) And the nice fabric for foundation pieces – that’s definitely something I need to take into account.


  3. I have been having this problem too. In every other lab I have ever worked in there have been zero rules about work wear, so jeans and a tee it was. Now we have rules like no blue denim etc. and I found myself struggling with what to wear!

    I think I might join with you in this one! I want to be work appropriate but still me!

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